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5 Sets of Lovino Vargas (South Italy) Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Brown Wig (Long,Curly,M14)

heat resisting fiber wig

Lovino Vargas (South Italy) Cosplay Costume

polyester costume

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Rachel 2014-07-26

My fem!Romano cosplay I purchased from Cosplayfu. The dress is very cute, albeit a bit short. The buttons were loose and, unfortunately, a few fell off. The gloves and belt weren't quite as nice as I had hoped either. Despite this, people did recognize me and immediately knew who I was. Overall, with a bit of tweaking, it can be a great cosplay. I simply suggest finding some of your own props and maybe fixing the buttons up and ordering it in a custom size if you know you measurements ^^

Danielle 2013-09-06

Hello I waa just sending in my picture of my cosplay that I got from you guys. It's From Hetalia axis power its the Japan (dark fem) my order, thank you.

Sky 2013-06-17

Hi! I ordered this cosplay from you guys and I love it! I'll have to admit that it is sort of a tight fit, but that's alright! I'm working on trying to lose some weight anyways. And it came in before the date I needed it! Thanks CosplayFU!

Amara 2013-04-28

Thank you for the cosplay costume! It looks great on me (though my parents say its a bit short). The material feels fine, though the gloves aren't the best (they're a bit wide for young women's hands). I haven't done my hair up or got the new gloves or ribbon yet, but I can tell that this costume is going to grab eyes at the convention! Thank you very much!

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