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2019-01-23 01:41
Um, hello! This is a first time I've done this. I hear good this about this site and I was wondering if you guys can make these costumes. I hope the images are good for you to use on making.

CosplayFu ( 01-23 02:34

2019-01-21 14:54
Hiya how much for these characters making?
First two images are for one, so the red cloak from the second and the under shirt, pants, head cover and mask from the first

the third would just be the ripped coat and the pants (different character)

CosplayFu ( 01-21 19:26

Hello, please submit ticket (with product link &
request) to our 
Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

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2019-01-20 16:44
Hola estoy interesado en este complemento de la espada para el cosplay de Van Fanel de la vision de Escaflowne que no encuentro por ningun lado,

CosplayFu ( 01-20 19:51

Si necesita más ayuda, por favor contacte aquí:Si necesita más ayuda, por favor contacte aquí:
2019-01-19 20:05
How much would this be and how long would this possibly take

CosplayFu ( 01-20 20:23

2019-01-19 15:40
Hola estoy interesado en la peluca de este cosplay que no encuentro por ningun lado.
2019-01-19 00:35
Hello I'm back again with a new request. I would like both of this costumes. I hope this won't be to hard, I would like the bottom back skirt to have snaps , so it can be remove able. The shoes are very important as you can see in the example pictures. Lastly I hope you can be able to make the ears and tail. I know it's a lot and sorry about that.
2019-01-18 08:20
How much for this version of this character
with the shirt and pants being red polyester
the brown jacket being a faux leather
the red headband, the chain and the green pouch on his waist and the brown one on the back as well as the mesh around his lower legs.

CosplayFu ( 01-20 20:27

2019-01-17 18:55
Hola estoy interesado en este cosplay que no encuentro por ningun lado.

CosplayFu ( 01-17 19:49

2019-01-16 15:42
Hello! I was wondering of you can make this dress? Along with her crown, Digimon, Palmon in the same pink dress.

CosplayFu ( 01-16 19:39

2019-01-16 12:47
Please include everything shown

CosplayFu ( 01-16 19:45

Please input the answer.