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2019-09-16 03:05
Can you make the belt dark pink? Thanks!

CosplayFu ( 09-16 04:04

2019-09-16 03:03
Can you make the best dark pink? Thanks!

CosplayFu ( 09-16 04:55

2019-09-14 10:26
RWBY Volume 7 Outfit

CosplayFu ( 09-15 23:17

2019-09-13 22:09
Can you make this for me?

CosplayFu ( 09-15 23:21

2019-09-13 04:30
Can you make this for me?

CosplayFu ( 09-15 23:25

2019-09-07 23:53
Can you make this bodysuit & The mask detachable? Thanks!

CosplayFu ( 09-08 22:52

2019-09-06 07:00
Items requested:
Hat (simple design)
Cape + Brooch (Simple plain black cape, red jewel at the front of the cape)
Top (bra held together with strings in the middle)
Skirt (back design same as the front)
Panties (white)

Could you advise on how much it would be WITH and WITHOUT the hat? Thanks. Apologies for the lack of reference picture links, but this was taken from a game.

CosplayFu ( 09-08 23:05

2019-09-05 20:41
Any chance this can be made?

CosplayFu ( 09-06 05:16

2019-09-03 00:26
Possible to make this character's uniform? Also possibly any boot/wig suggestions?

CosplayFu ( 09-03 04:58

Hello,yes, we could make this costume for you, here is the link:

We have this similar wig: 

If you don't like the boots and wig,  please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

2019-08-26 20:34
hi! can this version of zatsune miku's outfit be made? :)

CosplayFu ( 08-27 21:48

Please input the answer.