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25 Sets of Arthur Kirkland (United Kingdom) Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

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Arthur Kirkland (United Kingdom) Shoes

artificial leather shoes

Arthur Kirkland (United Kingdom) Wig

kanekalon fiber wig

Arthur Kirkland (United Kingdom) Cosplay Costume

polyester costume

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Natalie 2014-12-30

thank you for this cosplay it fit perfectly and I did get it along time ago I'm just barely giving feedback but I love it!

neo-chan 2014-05-10

i had gotten this some time ago and finally decided to post this. the cosplay is perfectly adorable and i got so many compliments on it, thank you so much for this! and you can always count on me to buy cosplays only from you ^_^

Margaret 2013-11-29

this wig is awesome it came in today and it's just awesome and great quality

Mia 2013-10-17

I wanted to send a photo from the cosplay I got this year over the summer (at the bottom its a typo XD) I wanted to say I loved it so very much and it was the best! I cant wait to do it for halloween in a few days will be getting a new one soon thank you so much for the awesome cosplay!

Nurhanani 2013-10-13

The costume was really well tailored and I absolutely loved it! It looked so much like the actual image and I'm satisfied with the tailor's work.The pants fit me well, but it would have looked better if the dark stripes were a little larger. Also, I really liked the design of the rose! I didn't expect it to be included with the costume :D The jacket was fitting and just nice, it showed by body shape yet I didn't look too feminine, plus it's easy to wear too. I really love the jacket the most in the designing, but the pants are just as great. ^^ While some other tailors that I have approached gave up as soon as they saw the design of the character's costume, CosplayFU took the initiative instead to make the pants. Again, thank you for making this costume! Attached is the model picture, I apologize for the bad quality ^^; I'll try to send a better one soon.

Paul 2013-10-04

This is one of two cosplays I'm sending in! Thank you very much!

Jessica 2013-08-10

So I ordered to cosplays a couple months ago. I attended my con just this weekend and wore them! They were great.

Lillian 2013-06-23

Hi there! I purchased this AWESOME fem!England Cosplay from you a while back and it amazingly Arrived in time for my con! My friend , the photography student, Took some awesome Photos of me in the cosplay and I slightly edited them since the lighting was evil at the venue! I'd bought the cosplay from you and loved it, the apron though was a tiny bit big, but nothing i can't fix~ ((the wig was a b'day present from another friend)) Thanks for the Fantastic transaction! Note -THe other cosplayers are Fem!usa (home made). Fem!South Italy ((Also bought from you)) and Mother Britannia (( which was a course made cosplay i believe)) _Lilly

Chelsea 2013-05-24

I just got my order United Kingdom Costume (Girl) from Axis Powers Hetalia, and I love it~! It looks as if it popped out of the image of her. This is my 2nd cosplay I have bought and once again I was not unsatisfied. I love how helpful the staff is and hope to buy many, many, cosplays in the future.

Shelby 2013-04-06

Just received this yesterday, I got this for my brother and he loves it and says it fits perfectly! Thank you ^_^

Michael 2012-06-18

Bought this and wore it to Mizuumi Con :) It's really lovely. Cosplaying as England (Arthur Kirkland) from Hetalia Wore the cosplay on England's birthday as well~

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Natsume 09-27 07:37
I am Japanese. I am glad that people of the world like this Japanese animation. Everyone is so good!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 09-27 19:17

(*> ω <*)  Yes, most of the characters in our Top 100 are from Japan animation~~