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Tag Me@CosplayFU Game Updates~

September 13th, 2012 by kelvin

‖‖  Tag Me@CosplayFU 2012   Results Announcement  ‖‖

Thanks again for ALL Players’ Support!

{*Top 10 Winner Notification emails all sent, please check your email~♥}

  500 Photos In Total

Results (Ranking):

  Rank 1: 【211 scores】 –phant*****vu@yahoo.com

  Rank 2: 【210 scores】 –erac****za@gmail.com

  Rank 3: 【203 scores】 –rei***_@hotmail.it

  Rank 4: 【155 scores】 –king*****n@hotmail.es

  Rank 5: 【148 scores】 –lar***.*lex@yahoo.com

  Rank 6: 【147 scores】 –albe***.*****ni@alice.it

  Rank 7: 【134 scores】 –tw****ish@gmail.com

   Rank 8: 【106 scores】 –Ut****dt@gmail.com

   Rank 9: 【93 scores】 –kai****_***dry@yahoo.ca

   Rank 10: 【92 scores】 –ut****ko@ymail.com


 Where Can I Check My Result?  Just submit ticket (with player’s email address & questions) to our Support Center and let us check for you directly.   n_n



 Prize List:

Rank 1 – 3 Prizes:

【1. A Game Transcript!】

【2. A Winner Commendation!】

【3. CosplayFU Electronic Cash Coupon Which The Cash Value Is Equivalent To Your Scores!】


Rank 4-10 Prizes:

【CosplayFU USD$30 Electronic Cash Coupon!】


CosplayFU Electronic Cash Coupon terms:

*This cash coupon is valid for 1 year.

*This cash coupon is a one-time-off coupon {customer cannot save the coupon balance and use it next time}.
*This cash coupon can be used to buy items at CosplayFU only, cannot exchange to cash.
*This cash coupon cannot be used to pay for gift package fee & extra shipping cost. (we include free shipping worldwide already).
*This cash coupon cannot be used in Reseller accounts.


 We will contact all top 10 winners directly by email within 24 hours, if you’ve any questions about the result, please submit ticket to our Support Center and let us help you directly.   n_n


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