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4 Sets of Kurama Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Kurama Cosplay

Kurama is a demon thief who, after being fatally wounded, fuses his soul with the unborn child of Shiori Minamino, effectively taking over. He is born as Shuichi Minamino, a human with red hair and green eyes, though he retains his demon powers at a much lower level. Kurama had originally planned to return to his demon form after regenerating his powers, but he changed his mind when he fell off a stool and Shiori kept him from injuring himself in the process. That created a bond of love and loyalty which Kurama cannot bear to break, and so he remains as Shuichi in the human world. He attends the fictional Meioh Private Academy where his grades are the highest in his year.

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Kurama Cosplay Costume

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