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Kurogane Cosplay

Kurogane is a rough-mannered ninja from the world of Japan, who is sent away from his world by Princess Tomoyo in order to have him discover his true strength. He is the most powerful warrior in his world, but he shows no mercy to anyone, so Tomoyo places a "curse" on him that will decrease his strength if he kills anyone. He gives up his replica of the sword, Ginryu, as the price to use Mokona to cross dimensions and return to his home world.He quickly bonds with the group, to the point he starts tutoring Syaoran.He is constantly teased by Fai, who calls him a variety of nicknames, though he also is able to tell Fai's true nature.

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marcy 10-16 14:21
Does the Kurogane costume come with everything in the picture (the 3 things next to the picture of cloak shirt and pants it looks like a head piece and boot covers?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-17 04:27

Hello marcy, yes, those costume accessories are included.  n_n