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2 Sets of Hina Kagiyama Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Hina Kagiyama Cosplay

Species: Curse godAbility: Storing cursesLocation: Yokai Sea of TreesAlso known as: Nagashi-hina of the Hidden GodTheme: Dark Side of FateStage 2 boss. Hina is the head of the Nagashihina army, where Nagashihina refers to the dolls being drifted down the river in a ritual to cast away one's sins and misfortunes. As such, Hina is surrounded by curses and those who encounter her will run into misfortune. Despite this, Hina has good intentions and does not wish to have misfortune befall humans again. She is often spinning and her attacks are characterized as spirals.

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Hina Kagiyama Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Hina Kagiyama Cosplay Wig

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kanekalon fiber wig

Hina Kagiyama Cosplay Costume

US$ 177.32 US$ 95.76
top skirt head wear
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Cynthia  2014-08-16
I received my Hina Kagiyama cosplay and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I was really worried that it would've fit me awkwardly (because my measurements are a little odd), but it fit just right on me and I'm really glad! Hina is my favorite Touhou Project character, and I'm really happy to be able to cosplay her now. Thanks, CosplayFU! I'll be sure to buy more cosplays from you again! ^^

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