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Jude Mathis Cosplay

A male who attends a medical school in the royal city who excels and gets things done. Of his own volition, he left his hometown and is now training in a hospital at the metropolis Il Fan. He is usually a calm and composed boy, but may tend to be suddenly impulsive at times. He usually finds himself in little disputes due to his somewhat meddlesome behavior. One day, a number of people are sent to the hospital due to a backfiring of a Spirit Arts. Upon doing an investigation on what may have caused the failure at a military laboratory, he meets Milla. He feels great adoration for Milla, who seems to have some sort of special mission, so he believes he can be of use to her.

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calm, composed

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Sarah  2014-04-07
It's a wonderful product.
Jonathan  2013-09-14
I love it! The costume fits so well. Customer Service was some of the best I've dealt with ordering costumes. The only thing that was a disappointment was that the gloves felt like there was a one size fits all, but it didn't fit me, no big deal though because I don't wear gloves a lot.

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Matt 02-25 16:31
hello im planning on purchasing this costume but where would I submit my measurments?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-25 20:20

Hello Matt, please simply click Check out and then you can choose your size, if you choose custom size, there is a measurements box which you need to fill. Or you can write down your measurements in the remark box. n_n
Leon Nguyen 06-07 04:27
Hi, i'm planning to cosplay Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia 2 in an anime convention in my city next year. I have looked over dozens websites and sellers and finally, i'm very happy to find out that you're the only website that sell this costume. I will place an order on this soon or later, but actually, i have a few problems with this costume. First, i don't like the colors of the pants in the sample picture. If i place an order, can you make a new pants and also change its colors from red and pink into black and light gray like the character's description picture? The belt pendants of this character suppose to has a shape of a heart. Finally, can you make the shoes of this character also? Right now i can only see that you only have the shoes from Tales of Xillia 1 but not 2. Thank you!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 06-07 05:04

Hello Leon Nguyen,  the actual costume is just same as the photo shown; if you'd like to change the color/design/material, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let our tailor check if they can make for you.  n_n