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Spirit Albarn Cosplay

Death Scythe , whose real name is Spirit , is Shinigami's current weapon and Maka's father. He takes the title of Death Scythe as he is the only one who is actually a scythe in his weapon form, though his friends still call him Spirit. He is divorced from his wife and former meister, Kami, who becomes fed up with his constant flirting with other women. This strains his relationship with Maka, which causes him to become depressed whenever she rejects him. He is very protective of her, and he has fond memories of her early childhood. He is also the former weapon of Stein, though he is very wary of him due to experiments performed upon him. In weapon form, Spirit is a large, plain black scythe with the handle resembling a cross.

Source from Wikipeida

Maka's father, scythe, a large plain black scythe

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