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2 Sets of Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Nagisa Momoe Cosplay

A young magical girl who appears in Rebellion. The reason she has appeared and the wish she made was a rumor that was formerly announced. In the original world, she became the dessert witch, Charlotte, who was the one responsible for killing Mami. In Rebellion, she becomes Mami's pet and assist her in hunting the Nightmares. She is also a target of Homura in an attempt to change the timeline.

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Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Shoes

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Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Wig

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Nagisa Momoe Cosplay Costume

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jaciopara  2014-09-04
So cute! The colours have changed since I bought it, but its really cute!

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