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Ai Enma Cosplay

Ai Enma, the primary protagonist of Hell Girl, who is arguably an anti-heroine as well. With long, straight black hair, ruby-red eyes and pale skin, she is a spiritual entity with a tragic past, who lives in a place frozen in time as it basks in eternal sunset, along with her grandmother. Through an old computer inside their house, Ai is able to receive the names,the clients have typed on the website, and delivers their revenge. She normally wears a black seifuku, or sailor uniform, but always wears a kimono with floral (or temari, hand-wovern thread balls) designs when delivering the vengeance of a client.

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anti-heroine, expressionless

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Ai Enma Cosplay Accessory

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wood geta

Ai Enma Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Ai Enma Cosplay Costume

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Kimono belt
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Alexandra  2015-04-12
The costume was very comfortable, though I never did get to use it for what I wanted to.
neo-chan  2014-05-10
i had gotten this some time ago and finally decided to post this. the cosplay is perfectly adorable and i got so many compliments on it, thank you so much for this! and you can always count on me to buy cosplays only from you ^_^
Callan  2014-03-06
I love your website. When I found it I was shocked at that shipping is free, custom fit is no extra charge, and you do amazing commissions! I made my first cosplay but for my next one I bought from you guys. I was sooooo happy! I've recommended you to all my friends who also cosplay and those who are just starting out. The cosplay I bought was Ei Enma from the anime Hell Girl. I wore it to Kumoricon 2013. Keep up the good work~! (^o^)
Jacklene  2013-08-08
I received my costume today! EXTREMELY FAST and EFFICIENT service! Thank you so much! Will be ordering more costumes from CosplayFU.

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