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Kurumi Tokisaki Cosplay

The third Spirit that appears in the series, and the most brutal. Her Astral Dress, Elohim, is made out of crimson and black frills, giving her the appearance of a Gothic Lolita. While in her Astral Dress, she wears her black hair in twin ponytails, with the hair on her left side longer than her right. While not in her Astral Dress, her hair is tied up slightly differently, with both sides being of the same length and her fringe covering her left eye, showing only her red right eye. Her left eye is an inorganic clock face, representing her life. Although she is prone to killing people without a second thought, she has so far only targeted humans as she cares for animals a lot, such as when she killed four guys who were abusing a cat. She transfers into Shido's class in volume 3. She is attracted to Shido from the very start, gaining the ire of Tohka and Origami. She is very aggressive in her actions, causing Shido to be bewildered during his mission on making her fall in love with him. However all this is an act as she reveals to Shido that she transferred to Raizen High School in order to eat him, or specifically the power that he has within him, to gain a large amount of life. She has a history with Mana, as Mana has been repeatedly killing Kurumi, but fails due to the fact that Kurumi keeps reappearing. She manages to easily defeat the combined forces of Tohka, Origami and Mana at the end of volume 3, but was defeated at the beginning of volume 4 by Kotori. She managed to flee after Shido got in between them to stop Kotori from killing her. In the volume's epilogue she is seen regaining her life using her shadow powers.

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Iris  2014-02-27
Dies ist mein bei ihnen bestelltes Kurumi Tokisaki Cosplay ^.^ Die Fotos wurden auf der "Chisaii" in Hamburg, Deutschland aufgenommen :33

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