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Sajin Komamura Cosplay

He is an anthropomorphic fox who is very self-conscious about his appearance, and so he wears a large helmet that conceals his entire head when he is first introduced. After his fight with Kenpachi Zaraki, he gains enough confidence to go without the helmet.His canine appearance is often the source of jokes; for example, when his lieutenant asks where to find a bathroom, he appears to direct him to a fire hydrant, though he is in fact pointing at a bathroom just around the corner.He also had a nightmare about the group in Karakura being monsters and Ichigo later turning into a dog resembling Komamura.Komamura has a close friendship with Kaname Tosen and is shocked when the latter defects from Soul Society, feeling that his friend has abandoned his morals.

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Sajin Komamura Cosplay Accessory

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Sajin Komamura Cosplay Costume

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