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Mei Misaki Cosplay

An unusual girl in Kōichi's class. She is recognizable due to the eyepatch that covers her left eye, a doll's eye crafted by her adoptive mother. She claims it allows her to see the "color of death". At first, she is completely ignored by her classmates and sits in an old, scratched desk at the back of the classroom. Kōichi first meets her on the elevator of Yūmigaoka Hospital, and they gradually become closer. He defends her numerous times, particularly when faced with their very hostile classmates, some of whom believe her to be the "dead one" behind their year's calamity. She appears rather "doll-like" on the surface, but still has human feelings. In the novel and manga, Mei's doll eye is blue; in the anime, it is green.

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Mei Misaki Cosplay Accessory

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Mei Misaki Cosplay Shoes

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Mei Misaki Cosplay Wig

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Mei Misaki Cosplay Costume

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shirt skirt coat bow knot eye patch jacket
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Cass  2014-04-25
I just received this costume yesterday and I am BEYOND pleased. The costume is great quality and very well made. Everything fits perfectly, and I received this item a month before I expected to. It looks exactly like the picture. The shoulders are padded, which gives the blazer a more official look and the buttons look as if they are very high quality. (However, when you touch them, they feel as if they might collapse) I expected the bow to be crooked but it wasn't at all. My only issue would be that the zipper on the skirt feels pretty flimsy, and it takes me a while to get it down, since it gets jammed pretty easily. I have to be very careful with it, or else I'm afraid I'll break it. Regardless, this was a great purchase and I'm so glad I decided to go with CosplayFu. I will be posting pictures after my convention at the end of May. I definitely recommend buying this cosplay!
Timothy  2013-08-15
this is the first time i bought a cosplay off here. I was happy it was custom sized since i freak a bit if something doesn't fit at all, but I love it very much! i was so happy my father bought it for me! everything fits perfectly:D a button came off from the vest but it's an easy fix. it arrived much faster than expected date(somewhere in may)Now i can cosplay Misaki Mei for Anime Boston. thank you so much! i will order from here again!
Neonta  2013-08-15
I ordered this a little over 2 weeks ago, and already have it! I did pay extra for shipping but I'm very happy with my product and the fit.

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