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2017-09-22 07:20
Shion Cosplay including Sword, Shield, Gloves, Shoes
2017-09-22 07:15
Including 30cm Plushies
2017-09-22 07:12
Alex Kidd Cosplay including including coat, jumpsuit, neckwear and Shoes
2017-09-20 14:56
Cosplay Accessories

Sam Flynn Gloves

CosplayFu ( 09-20 22:34

2017-09-17 22:27
interested in this outfit

CosplayFu ( 09-17 23:09

2017-09-17 20:51
Holly Short's LEPrecon uniform. Including jumpsuit, jacket, and helmet.

CosplayFu ( 09-17 23:04

2017-09-17 19:22
Digimon Adventure Tri Takeru Takaishi Disneyland Tokyo Easter version including: socks, jackets, gloves, visor hat bunny ears , pants, tie and shirt
2017-09-17 18:40
I was wondering if you could make all of this. Jumpsuit, jacket and helmet.

CosplayFu ( 09-17 23:05

2017-09-17 15:11
Digimon Adventure Festival 2017 Takeru Takaishi Including:coat, pants, shirt and hat

CosplayFu ( 09-17 20:17

2017-09-15 21:38
Can you please make the wig, gauntlets, chest armor, waist armor, knee armor with straps, calf armor, and boot covers?

CosplayFu ( 09-17 23:12

Hello, about this costume, some details can not
be sure
such as the accessories, please submit a ticket
(with your request and more detail pictures) to our
 and let my teammates help

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