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  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product


Material metal necklace
Processing Time 4-6 business days
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mikey 12-03 02:02
sold out?T_T I need this

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 12-03 02:16

Ooops, it's fixed now, you can buy it now.  n_n
Yuuki 07-16 23:49
Can can I buy just the wig cap? No the wig I'm going to buy the wig from another store.....so ya ( I'm buying the wig stand too )

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-17 00:40

Hello Yuuki, yes, you can buy it separately, but the unit price will be high (because the international shipping cost), please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly.  n_n
BlAxDiA 06-12 19:49
Are there any other colours other than black?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-12 21:44

Hello BlAxDiA, no, for the wig cap, we use black only; if you'd like to change the color, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n
Rin-kun 08-11 03:14
Do wigs come with the cap?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-11 19:15

Hello Rin-kun, this is a wig cap; if you'd like to have a wig cap come with the wig, you will need to buy both (wig & wig cap) together.  n_n
yuki 07-30 18:23
would you be able to change the colour to blue or something? :)

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-30 23:36

Hello  yuki, all our wig caps are black.
Volga 07-22 23:07
Do you have one of this caps that is brown/blond?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-22 23:28

Hello  Volga, we just have the wig  caps in black.
laura babee 04-27 23:50
hi um i was wondering about the wig it has a hole in the top of it but does the cheaper one have a hole in it too?? and for my cosplay i have a bright red wig and if i use a black wig cape will it be seen/noticeable when i were it or not?? thanks :)

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-28 01:48

Hello laura babee, both has a hole in the top. If you want a red wig cap, you can leave the color you want in the remark when you place the order. 
murasakiargenteria 03-17 16:40
Uhm, I just ordered a set of wigs, but I forgot to add the wig cap... is it possible to add this to the order? Also, do the styled wigs come with a wig cap as well? I forgot to ask.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-18 21:53

Hello,murasakiargenteria.Thanks for your support to us. Could you please submit your order number to our support center,so that we can check for you?
Samantha 02-11 13:57
how durable are the caps, and do they break easy , i have a preety big head :P

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-12 21:39

It's made of high elastic fiber, and quite strong, it not break easy unless you cut it. >_<
Tsukiyo 08-13 01:57
I just got my wig cap today and there is a hole on the top of it, is it suppose to be there?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-14 22:44

Hello, yes, all of our wig cap have a hole on the top, the hope is help you to ware it.
Karen 07-18 04:46
Hi, may i know how the wig cap feels like when equipped? Some of the others i have tried was every scratchy and uncomfortable and i was wondering if this was like that too.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-18 20:21

Hello. The wig cap is a bit tight, so it will make you feel uncomfortable.
hanna 06-19 14:35
i need it in 2 days

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-19 22:57

Hello. We think it is too urgent to do that.
Sarah 05-19 21:19
what's the difference between this wig cap and the other one you guys have?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-22 20:37

Hello Sarah. This one is better in quality and with the packaging.
chico1121 03-19 06:50
I had picked UPS shipping, not realizing that it would still take a while to get here. Is there any way that this could get to me sooner than that? I have a Con to go to and I don't think this will be here in time.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-21 02:19

Could you please tell us when you need it? The wig cap will take 3-5 days to be prepared.
Rukia ru 03-18 18:29
do you sell contacs?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-21 02:18

We don't sell contacs.

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