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  • Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Cosplay
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product


Material plastic headphone
Processing Time 4-6 business days
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Risa 07-30 01:22
Are these made just like the Rin headphones? Where you have to assemble it yourself? Including the microphone?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-30 03:44

Hello  Risa, yes, it is  made just like the Rin headphones, all things of the picture are include.
Riri 07-03 16:20
Pretty much what I mean is would I be able to remove the microphone piece with a pair of scissors?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-04 04:40

Hello,If you don't like the the microphone, you could remove it with a pair of scissors by yourself 
Riri 06-28 09:50
would you be able to cut off the microphone piece with scissors or anything?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-28 22:21

Hello Riri, it need to be done by yourself as we don't know the effect you want exactly. n_n
21GunsoKTG 05-07 15:45
would it be hard to remove the mouth piece so that i could make the headphones be the right way?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-08 03:53

Hello 21GunsoKTG, it is fixed and can not be removed.
RiRi 05-05 10:21
Is it made out of ALL plastic? If it is won't that hurt your ears after a while?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-05 20:12

Hello RiRi, yes, it is a plastic headphone, it won't hurt your ears, please don't worry about it.
If you wear it more than 12 hours a day, you may feel a bit uncomfortable, but it won't hurt your ears.  n_n
SarahCosplayer 03-09 23:07
Does the mouth peice move?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-10 10:08

Hello SarahCosplayer, this headphone is made of PVC,EVA and Plastic; the mouth piece cannot move.  n_n
nika 01-16 16:44
Do they glow?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 01-17 10:01

Hello nika, they cannot glow, they are just an accessory and cannot work. :)
Melinda 09-28 03:32
The ear muff parts of the headset are backwards. The round part should be facing forward, toward the face, while the square part should be facing back, away from the face. Also, the mic should have two blue lines/dots on it. Other then that, it's fine.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-28 04:15

Hello,Melinda,thanks for supporting us.
Amber Henley 09-15 20:03
Excuse me but the dummy head was wearing the headphones backwards and the mic has two teal strips on it if you look at a Miku Hatsune picture close enough. Fix that and it'll be perfect.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-15 22:51

Hello,Amber Henley,thanks for your review.
Kago 08-02 13:22
I like the pink wig in the picture, do you sell that anywhere?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-03 01:07

Here is the link of the wig:http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Anya+Cospaly+Wig+from+Code+Geass.
Lenny 07-23 01:39
Umm... I dont know, if youve noticed this but.. Your headphones are backwards LAWL Like seriously look... Their going the wrong way in this picture..

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-24 23:30

Thanks for your review.
AyShanxT 05-21 11:18
When will this be in stock again?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-22 21:49

Hello AyShanxT. When it comes back, we will update it immediately.
Stephanie 04-14 13:20
is the microphone piece made of foam? ive been hearing many bad reviews

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-14 21:23

Hello Stephanie, the headphone is made of PVC,EVA and Plastic. It just a accessory and cannot work.
kame 04-02 05:02
they look nothing like they do in the picture, the mouth piece is a bit of foam, the ear pieces where badly made and the only good thing was the head band.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-07 03:55

Hello kame, it should be the same as the pictures. Maybe you can send us some photos of the one you received.
Fannie 03-08 09:42
why does the wig look so different from the wig you are actually selling?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-08 19:50

If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Georgina 02-12 14:59
Hi, I want to cosplay miku for the february expo but i live in the uk and am not sure if I ordered these today/tomorrow if they would come in time? Would they??

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-13 23:58

Hello,Georgina.Thanks for your support. It can be shipped out within 3-5 business days after payment is confirmed.
charlotte johns 02-12 06:51
do these headphones have mp3 or lights?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-13 22:36

Hello,charlotte.Thanks for your support.We are afraid that the headphones are accessories.
Natalie 11-07 16:52
Is this headset just a prop, or does it actually work?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-08 01:09

Hello,Natalie.Thanks for your support. It is just an accessory.
Rei 08-02 20:54
I was just wondering if you could change the currencies on the price.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-04 01:56

Hello Rei, our payment gateways (CCNow & Moneybookers) accept more than 10 major currencies in the world. When you pay by other currency credit card, the system will calculate the exchange rate for you, and charge you in your local currency as well. So, please do not worry about it.
Miki 07-10 13:13
Do you have the same wig for sale?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-11 23:00

Hello,Miki. Thanks for your support.OF course, we are selling this wig. Please view through:http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Miku+Blue+Green+Separate+Cosplay+Wig+from+Vocaloid
Inya Urahara 07-07 18:53
Can you make a demo video of this please? Thank you. ^^

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-07 21:28

Hello,Inya. Thanks for your support. We will update video as soon as we can.
Inya Urahara 07-04 22:15
Does this come with her hair accessory as well like the Rin headphones come with her clips?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-05 21:34

Hello, Inya. Thanks for your support. The hair clips are not included.
Maria 02-26 12:13
do you also have the hair accesory for Hatsune Miku

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-26 13:11

Hello Maria, please contact us at support@cosplayfu.com and send few pictures about the hair accessory that you are looking for. If we can do it, we will give you the quotation & purchase link~ thanks :)

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