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  • Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product


Material metal ring
Processing Time 3-5 business days

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Paul 05-20 06:33
The ring's sold out, when will there be a new batch?

CosplayFu ( 05-20 20:43

Hello Paul, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

Bri 02-13 15:28
I know you answered how big the ring is, but I am wondering is can you put that in an actual size? My ring finger is a nine and a half easy and my thumb a ten or so. My pinky about a six. I already bought a disappointing ring from eBay where after a week the blue "gem" fell out and I barely wore it, now I'm waiting for a refund or replacement. What kind of metal is used? Green or black marks around my fingers are a no.

CosplayFu ( 02-13 20:11

Hello Bri, this is a metal ring, and since it is for cosplay accessory, so the size is just a rough ring size (diameter: 1.8-1.9cm.), we are sorry that we are unable to make the ring size as a real ring.  
When you use this kind of accessory rings, actually they are for cosplay photo shooting effect, so just wear it as normal, but not try to break them or hit them, then the ring can keep for a very long period.

For this kind of metal rings, the most important thing is to make sure it is dry when you take it off & keep it, in our office, we always have hundreds of accessory rings, and we make sure they are dry (use dry cloth to clean it) and put it in a box (with dry cloth), then the rings will keep very well; hope these information helps you.  n_n
Briana 08-24 14:18
Im Planning On Buying This Ring But I Need To Know What Size It Is. Please Help (:

CosplayFu ( 08-24 20:04

The diameter of the ring is about 1.8-1.9cm.
Nick 08-21 03:16
I was thinking of buying one of the costumes and the ring all in one, would you ship them both at the same time? Or separate? What's the minimum price that I would have to pay to get the ring with a costume? Please reply ASAP

CosplayFu ( 08-21 03:33

Hello  Nick, if you order the costume and the ring together, we will ship it together. you will get the ring with 9.9USD.
Ellie 05-20 11:09
I live in England, how long would this ring take to be delivered?^^

CosplayFu ( 05-20 22:30

If you choose free normal shipping, it will take about 25 business days to reach you after we ship it out. And the ring will also take 3-5 business days for us to prepare for you.
ItsMikuru 05-19 12:33
Why do you have to spend 50$ just to buy this ring...?

CosplayFu ( 05-20 22:38

Because you will need to at least purchase 50USD to enjoy this low price for the ring. If you just want the ring only, you can contact our support center for the single price of the ring. But it will be much higher.
RElTAx 03-22 05:27
Do you ship it to singapore? Isit very big? I scared its too big for me to wear:O

CosplayFu ( 03-22 21:27

Hello,RElTAx.Thanks for your support to us. Yes,we offer free shipping to worldwide by HongkongPost or China Post. The diameter is about 2cm.
Kelly 03-21 20:50
For The Ciel Ring I was wondering about the sizes, I am a small person so I fit a size 5 1/2. Do you make that size or is it a one size fits all kind of thing.I'm sorry I'm not used to buying items online.

CosplayFu ( 03-21 21:33

Hello,Kelly.Thanks for your support to us. It is one size. 
bernadette♥sebastianMichaelis 01-22 05:05
do you still deliver your products here in the philippines? how can i buy your products?

CosplayFu ( 01-22 19:36

Hello bernadette♥sebastianMichaelis, yes, we include free shipping (Hong Kong Post, 20-30 days shipping time) to Philippines. However, this is in the accessory package, you can order it when your order size is USD50 or over. :)
Sebby 12-10 07:22
I'm from the Philippines and wants to buy this ring, do you accept payments through GCash or LBC? Do you accept pesos? How may days/weeks would it take until the item arrives?

CosplayFu ( 12-12 01:57

Hello Sebby, we accept Visa & Master credit cards & debit cards and Paypal payment, the currency we charged will be in USD. This ring can be shipped within 3-5 business days, and the delivery time is different from different shipping methods. (All shipping information, like methods, costs & delivery time will be shown in order form). :)
$ammy 09-13 16:05
this is great i got it today and the detail is splended. i think its should be a little big because it hard to take off but otherwise is great, i definatley glad i bought it hear XD

CosplayFu ( 09-13 20:51

(/≧▽≦)/ Thanks for your appreciation, it encourages we a lot~~~
$ammy 08-28 14:07
thanks for the answer, its realy helpfull. when i say com with them or by them sellf i mean will theyall arive at the same time or not?

CosplayFu ( 08-28 22:45

Hello,if you make the order together,they will reach you at the same time.
$ammy 08-26 05:21
hiya i live in the uk and i ordered this ring with another ring and a outfit. will it come wiv them or by its self. also how long will it take?

CosplayFu ( 08-26 21:40

Hello,normally it takes 3-5 business days for us to prepare.Shipping time is different according to your shipping method and country.And if you chose the free shipping methods, it will take about 20-30 days for the product to reach you after shippment.If you want it to reach you quicker,you can choose the UPS.Would you explain what for come wiv them or by its self?
ShadowCutie 08-09 17:05
The ring doesn't fit on my thumb (where I would like it too), and I don't really want to try and put it on any finger besides my pinky and risk it getting stuck. Besides that, it's very cool!

CosplayFu ( 08-09 22:39

Thank you for your reply.
Alice 05-19 20:41
I have to ask this due to my allergy to some metals, but what is the ring made of?

CosplayFu ( 05-19 21:08

Hello Alice. It is made of alloy. If you have any other questions, flee free to contact our support center.
Ciel 04-25 06:19
what are the dimensions of the inside of the ring? I need to know if it will fit my finger and 2*2.5cm sounds like the size of the whole ring. Thanks

CosplayFu ( 04-25 20:27

Hello Ciel. The dimension of the inside of the ring is 2*2.5cm.
Charley 04-19 10:24
What is the exact diameter of the ring? I need to know before I buy!

CosplayFu ( 04-19 23:18

Hello Charley, it is about 2.5*2CM .
reesy 03-22 22:04
can you make the ring a custom size ?

CosplayFu ( 03-22 22:24

If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Bea 03-14 08:12
Excuse me, but I've already sent a ticket but still has no reply. It's already been quite a few days now. Please reply soon.

CosplayFu ( 03-15 02:38

We are afraid that we haven't received any ticket from you. Could you please contact us through email:
Bea 03-09 01:06
Hi. I'm only 12 yrs old. Do you think this will fit me? I'm sorry but I can't quite understand how to pay for these things and I can't understand the answer in the FAQ either. Do you accept pesos? Do you deliver here in the Philippines? How can I pay for it? I'm sorry for all these but I can't understand it.

CosplayFu ( 03-09 21:16

We are afraid that we need to know your finger size first. About the payment, if you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center". Yes, we can deliver to Philippines.
Hine 03-06 12:04
i was wondering .. how day to arrive the ring?

CosplayFu ( 03-07 02:16

It takes about 3-5 business days for us to prepare the ring for you. And it will take several days for the product to reach you after shipment.
Julia Jem 02-06 17:40
I bought this. And it was fantastic! But ofcourse, 1 problem... It wont fit my finger.

CosplayFu ( 02-09 03:00

Thanks for your review. The ring is fixed size. So we make it bigger than usual. :(
hhhansku- 11-10 14:18
I just got this ring and buch of other stuff as well, and I gotta say I couldn't be more happy! All the items were perfect, and the shipping was very fast! I'm gonna deffinetly keep buying from you guys! Much Love, Hansku

CosplayFu ( 11-10 21:34

Hello,hhhansku-.Thanks for your support. It is glad that you love our products so much.
Iz 10-16 23:03
hello, i still dont quite understand the difference between Type A and Type B.

CosplayFu ( 10-18 01:16

Hello lz, they have different shape. ^ ^ B type's shape is more smooth than A type.
Tayler 09-24 13:55
which type is smaller? it looks like an adult hand (im 16) and im not sure it will fit me.

CosplayFu ( 09-24 20:28

Hello, Tayler, the rings are of the same size.^^ It will fit you.
Samantha 09-01 20:46
What are the differences between 'Type A' and 'Type B'?

CosplayFu ( 09-01 23:01

Hello,Samantha. Thanks for your support. It has been shown on the second picture .
david 05-25 22:16
sorry i didnt ask it properly I know its metal but what I want to know wich kind or metal it is like silver and so on and thanks for your fast answer

CosplayFu ( 05-26 21:29

Hello,david. thanks for your support. It is stainless steel.
david 05-25 21:24
What matérial is the ring made of ?

CosplayFu ( 05-25 21:39

Hello,David. Thanks for your support. It is metal.
Sebastian 04-14 11:12
Hello I would like to know when a new ring will be available!? Sorry for the spelling I'm french!

CosplayFu ( 04-14 21:35

Hello, Sebastian.Thanks for your support. It is on sell now.
haku 04-02 04:43
Can you tell me how to buy this ring

CosplayFu ( 04-06 21:55

Hello Haku, you can choose type, and click buy it now , choose your country(the country that you will receive the product), click checkout, fill in the order form, choose shipping method, click 'confirm and checkout.
candy 03-18 07:17
But what size IS the ring?

CosplayFu ( 03-19 04:14

Hello.Candy. It is unisize.
Candy Buchanan 03-17 01:27
What size does thisring come in?Is it adjustable?

CosplayFu ( 03-17 02:37

Hello, Candy. Thanks for your support. The ring is not adjustable.

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