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  • Axis Powers Hetalia Wang Yao Cosplay
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product
  • Costume accessory patterns (such as lace, buttons, buckle, leather) may slightly different from the product photo if the original pattern is out of stock.



Please fill in Custom Size below

Outside Leg
Shoulder Width
Sleeve Length
Head Circumference cm
Including hat, top, pants, flower
Material polyester costume
Processing Time 15-20 business days
Type Custom-made
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Coraline dante 03-03 21:28
um i wanted to ask if i could buy only the jacket and hat?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-04 02:23

Hello Coraline dante, yes, you can buy it separately, but the unit price will be high (because the international shipping cost), please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly.  n_n
Ciarrah Mallery 10-13 22:37
I was wondering. Since in the anime, China's sleeves are always longer than his hands reach. Say I selected a medium cosplay, does the cosplay sleeve go farther than that, or would we have to ask for a longer sleeve length than our arms reach?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-13 22:41

Hello Ciarrah Mallery, yes, we can change the sleeve length for you, please write it in remark box (in order form), and our tailor will adjust it for you.  n_n
*Remark message like 'I want a long  sleeve , from shoulder to the end: xxcm.'
Luz Acosta 04-18 16:42
The cosplay came extremly small i thought it was bigger. Thi is my first time ordering it. Can i send it back n get a bigger size??? Plz.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-18 21:15

Hello Luz Acosta, since we make costuems only after received order & payment, so, if we made correct size, we are afraid we cannot accept return & exchange for costumes.  Please submit ticket (with order number & description) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly.  n_n
Yue23loveheta 03-18 17:13
Is it possible to buy just the jacket without the armband and the hat without the flower? If so how much? Thank you.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-19 21:48

Hello Yue23loveheta,  if you'd like to change the design, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n

Horsemind 08-13 10:02
Sorry another question. Is it possible to pay with 2 different credit cards? Like a American Express and a Discover? Or something like that.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-13 22:37

Hello Horsemind, for credit card payments, it includes VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Diner's Club and JCB cards.
Horsemind 08-09 18:16
I am deciding whether to buy this product or not. But I have a couple of questions. If I choose the Custom Size option, would the length of the sleeve change? And do you accept American Express Gift Cards?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-09 19:30

Hello Horsemind, the sleeves length is proportion to the costume size, and it will cover the hands.  If you choose Custom Size, the costume sleeve will longer than the 'Sleeve length' you provided in the size box.  If you've specific request on the actual costume sleeves length, you can simply write down in the Remark box, and our tailor will adjust it for you.  n_n

*Custom size costume doesn't charge extra cost, but the processing time will be longer than standard size costumes; for this costume in custom size, we need about 3 weeks to make it (excluding the shipping time).

And, we accept online orders pay by credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards & Paypal, and bank transfer via Skrill(Moneybookers) & Western Union.  :)
Cathy 07-29 05:29
Is it possible to only order the hat and the flower? If so, how much does it cost?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-29 07:44

Hello Cathy, yes, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n
Ofelia 07-20 19:46
Hello,on the price it says 46% off but I still seem to be getting the original price,how much is the costume with the discount?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-21 02:12

Hello Ofelia, we don't have any plans to stop this offer yet, and we will try our best to keep our offer, so it will last for at least 3 months.  n_n
Iris 04-11 21:54
Can you make the characters on the jackect smaller, like an inch each?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-12 02:14

Hello Iris, how small you want the jacket to be? Please submit a ticket to our support center and let my teammates to help you. 
Teru 10-26 22:46
If I were to order a custom size, would I also be able to order a custom size hat?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-27 04:48

Hello, the hat size is fixed, I think it's suitable for the adults. 
Zoey M. 10-26 11:32
what happened to the Fem!China wig that used to be in the "related products" section?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-26 21:18

Hello Zoey, which wig do you mean? It seems that we don't have the  Fem!China wig now. 
Ella 10-12 20:53
I was wondering if the red armband came with the costume?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-12 21:51

Yes, the armband is included. 
Rika S. 08-30 19:33
Hello! I want to ask, I might be buying this cosplay, but I have a question, is this cosplay somewhat suppose to be an adult size? Because, I wanted perhap a small size, like a teenager size since I am small. (u n u)'

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-30 20:55

You can choose custom size and leave your size there. :)
Nova M. 08-09 10:20
Is the flower attached to the hat and would it be possible to just order the hat?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-09 23:13

Hello  Nova, the flower can be taken apart from hat, and the hat can be ordered separately.
May 07-07 09:21
Hello, I\'m wondering if the price is less if I don\'t order the pants and if it raise if I take the custom size.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-07 20:31

Hello May,  if you do not want the pants then please submit a Support Ticket (with product link & request) and my teammates will provide you exact price and other details.
Custom size costume doesn’t cost extra, but the processing time will be longer (about 20 days). n_n
MuSic_Nvr_sLeEpS 05-24 13:05
Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to cut the pant length a bit at home because they were a bit too long for me but I want to make sure it's okay and there will be no complications so it will be like cutting some length on a normal pair of jeans.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-24 21:20

Hello, if the pant is too long , you can cut pant  by yourself, But if you want to dress the pant more prefect ,I suggest you find a tailor.
MuSic_Nvr_sLeEpS 05-23 13:16
I ordered this a few months ago and recieved it within about 3 weeks so so I was really excited since it was my first cosplay. I was slightly confused at why there were staples in the front of the hat but I realized why although I wondered why it's still there like that. The pants were also too long for me so I wondered if it's possible to be altered at home. The gold star on my armband was starting to peel off so I had to fix it with super glue but now there's kind of a whitish smudge around it. Same thing with one of the gold circles on the sleeve. Overall though I like it.

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-23 21:20

Hello MuSic_Nvr_sLeEpS, Thanks for your support to cosplayFU. We are glad you like it.
Gin and Tavi 03-30 08:52
Two questions. 1. Can we order the costume without the pants 2. Would it be possible that the shirt could be long enough to the knees but so that it isn't extremely baggy? Thanks :D

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-30 22:06

Hello,Gin and Tavi.Thanks for your support to us. yes,you can.Please submit your ticket to make a request.
Mikaela 03-26 01:29
Hi, your site seems so great for a first time cosplayer like myself! But i ordered today and asked for it to be by the 12th of April, is it possible or am i rushing it?:(

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-26 20:56

Hello,Mikaela.Thanks for your support to us. If you order today and choose the quickest shipping way,it may reach you on time.
Mikaela 03-25 19:17
Its my first time cosplaying, and the sizes seem smaller than mine, so i chose customize but i seem slimmer than my actual measuremnents because i can fit into a variety of other sizes from Adult M-XL, so should i label a smaller size?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-25 22:46

Hello,Mikaela.Thanks for your support to us. We think that you should choose the customer size. And we will make it according to the measurements you provided. 
Bianca P. 03-11 18:51
Its my first time cosplaying and i want this costume but how do i get the discount that say 46% off?? it always gave me the original price and its too expensive for me!!!>

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-11 23:35

Hello,Bianca P..Thanks for your support to us. 80.55 USD is the discount price. 
Aria R. 02-11 12:09
Does the arm band come with the costume? If so does ot come off?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-11 22:06

Hello Aria R., yes, the arm band is included (as shown in photo), you can take it off. :)
Mary 12-03 14:38
How long do the discounts on this product last?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 12-04 22:40

It might last to Christmas.
Utau Tsukushi 12-02 14:52
Excuse me, I don\\\\\\\'t understand your size chart because the sizes seem pretty small to me. I was wondering what size you would recommend for me. My height is 170 CM, waist: 70 CM. Is it possible to have my custume exactly custumized so that it fits perfectly. Thank You~

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 12-04 22:43

Hell Utau,You can choose size table select "custom size".Please submit ticket (with product link & requests) to our Support Center at http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/.
Paula Marie 11-18 22:32
Excuse me, If i get the sleeves at a certain length, will they still be long? I mean, if i have a certain sleeve length, and i make them longer to make them the correct length, will they become longer?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-20 20:26

You can just tell us the exact length you want, then we will make it
Jeane 11-04 04:33
Hello!! I want to buy this but is the sleeves long? because i like it when its long :3 ok? ThanKs!!!!!!!!!

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-06 21:00

Hello,Jeane,thanks for supporting us.Yes,the sleeves are long.
Reina 11-03 02:41
Hi there i like to order this but i was wondering how long will it take to reach it in the Philippines??

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-03 03:16

Hello,eina,thanks for supporting us.Normally it takes 12-17 business days for us to prepare.Shipping time is different according to your shipping method and country.And if you choose the free shipping methods(Hongkong Post & China Post), it will take about 20-30 days for the product to reach you after shippment.If you want it to reach you quicker,you can choose the UPS(normally it takes 5 days after shipment).but extra fee is needed.Delivery details (method, cost, delivery time) will be shown in order page, before payment.
Eula 11-03 00:10
Hi This costume is great for new year :3 i was wondering if there is a kid costume above 9 years old like this because my little sister want this Thanks :)

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-03 01:36

Hello,Eula,thanks for supporting us.We can make customize size costume, so you just choose 'custom size' in the size option, and fill in the measurements in the size box provided will be okay.
tim fay 10-19 22:34
can the "China Cosplay Girl from Axis Powers Hetalia" in a "Female S (small female)" size be delivered to Burlingame, California 94010 USA before October 30th if I pay for expedited shipping? If so, please tell me how much this will cost and if I can pay via my Mastercard?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-19 23:39

Hello tim fay, we do not have this costume in stock; if you order now, we will need about 12-17 business days to make for you (excluding shipping time), it will not able to reach you before October 30th. However, we have a list of our ready-to-ship costumes & wigs at [ http://www.cosplayfu.com/readytoship/ ] provide with the standard sizes ['In stock(size)']. If you order them and choose faster shipping method, they will be able to reach you before Halloween. :-)
Skyllar 10-06 21:12
Is there any way to get this (or any costume) by October 31?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-06 23:38

If you can make your order now and choose the quickest shipping, it will probably reach you on time. Please leave your event date in the remark when you make your order.
acadia 09-07 16:09
hello im ordering this costume but all the female measurments are to small if i order a mans size will the cut be the same?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-07 22:49

Hello,you can choose the "custom size" in the size option, and fill in the measurements in the size box provided will be okay.
Vivi 08-15 13:52
Hello! Very cute costume! ;) I was wondering.. is that flower on the cap included too?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-15 21:37

Yes,it's included.
Xin He 07-12 17:59
If I order this (or anything on this site), will it arrive in maryland by 7/29 if i choose free shipping? Or, if i choose payed shipping will it arrive on time?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-12 21:06

Hello. We think it is too rush to ship. Normally, we need 12-17 business days to prepare the costume for you. And it you choose the free shipping, it will take 20-30 days for the product to reach you after shipment.
Natalia Arlovskaya 06-09 21:14
will the sleeves be longer then the sleeve length i put in the costume size?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-09 21:22

Yes, they will.
ncch 06-08 16:38
It is possible to get skinny pants instead of these?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-08 21:20

Yes, it is. Please submit your ticket to our support center www.cosplayfu.com/support/ .
Izumi 06-05 00:55
Hello, I ordered this cosplay 2 days ago and was wondering if it would get here by July 29?

CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-06 21:36

If everything goes smoothly, it will reach you on time.

inches / cm

1inches = 2.54cm

Size Chest
Female S 31 23.5 33 14.5 59-61 100-111
Female M 33 25.1 33.8 14.9 61-63 111-118
Female L 34.6 26.7 36.2 15.3 63-65 118-126
Female XL 36.2 28.3 37.7 15.7 65-67 126-138
Male S 34.6 29.1 35.4 16.5 63-65 120-136
Male M 36.2 30.7 37 17.3 65-67 136-140
Male L 37.7 32.2 38.5 18.1 67-69 140-148
Male XL 39.3 33.8 40.1 18.8 69-71 148-156
Male XXL 40.9 35.4 41.7 19.6 71-73 155-166
Size Chest
Female S 79 59 83 36.5 150-155 45-50
Female M 83.5 63.5 85.5 37.5 155-160 50-53
Female L 87.5 67.5 91.5 38.5 160-165 53-56
Female XL 91.5 71.5 95.5 39.5 165-170 56-62
Male S 87.5 73.5 89.5 41.5 160-165 54-61
Male M 91.5 77.5 93.5 43.5 165-170 61-63
Male L 95.5 81.5 97.5 45.5 170-175 63-66
Male XL 99.5 85.5 101.5 47.5 175-180 66-70
Male XXL 103.5 89.5 105.5 49.5 180-185 70-74

How to measure?

A: About the measurement, when you choose custom size, you need to measure your exact body size (according to the following picture) instead of the costume size. Our tailors will make the costume fit for you.


Once you make an order, it will take 15–20 working days to customize your costume by professional dressmaker. Complicated dress may need more than 30 days. Some wigs and Customized shoes will take a litter longer, about 4 to 5 weeks. All the accessories can ship immediately. If you need to attend a convention, please make sure you have enough time for preparing. 

Our dressmaker will start customizing the dress for you within 2 days after receiving your payment, it's impossible to cancel an order. Please make a careful decision.


We accept payments from Paypal, Stripe and Worldpay.

Paypal accepts pay by Paypal.

Stripe accepts payments by ApplePay and credit cards (including VISA, MASTER, DISCOVER, AMEX, JCB, and DINER Club).

WorldPay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and MasterMoney.

Custom & Tax:

Cosplayfu has no control over import charges and does not have responsibility for the package meeting local customs taxes. When ordering from our site, you are considered the importer and must responsible for the import tax or any additional charges. You should contact your local customs office for further information because custom policies are different from country to country. If the package is subsequently returned to us, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and the transaction fee of the total product purchase. Then the rest of the money will be refunded to you after we get the package back.

Shipping & Handling:

Cosplayfu.com offer free worldwide shipping. Please make sure your shipping address is correct. We often use China Post, Hong Kong Post or USPS. Most likely you will get the products within 20-30 business days.

You also can choose other shipping methods to have a fast shipping. But extra fee is needed.


We accept 100% refund when the product has quality problems or any unexpected mistakes. However the buyers are requested to send the product back to our office.

Please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket in our Support Center.