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110 Sets of Rin Kagamine Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Miku Hatsune Accessory


Rin Kagamine Accessory

plastic headphone

Rin Kagamine Shoes

artificial leather shoes

Rin Kagamine Wig

heat resisting fiber wig

Rin Kagamine Cosplay Costume

polyester costume

Rin Kagamine Plush

Custom & Handmade

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Shannon 2015-05-24

I Love CosplayFU!

Shannon 2015-02-01

I got it in the mail today and I'm more than happy! I was afraid the pants may have been too large when ordering it but they fit perfectly; just like the rest. I bought this along with the wig and headphones, and everything is perfect. It's really comfortable to wear and the leg and arm warmers stay up with no problem! It came in the mail 2 weeks earlier than I thought, too. I'm really happy I bought my first cosplay here. Thanks a lot.

Olivia 2014-10-19

The dress is beautiful, I love all the details and it looks exactly like the picture! It also fits very well, the measurements are very accurate to what it says on the website.

Lam 2014-01-08

Recently I bought a Rin (love is war) costume and wig from you. The quality of the costume was high and details were very accurate. The wig was thick enough so that was good. The only problem I had was with the wig cap which was way too tight so I'll get another one. Overall, I like the costume and wig very much and I'll probably buy from cosplayfu.com again Oh and just a suggestion, it would be nice if the love is war megaphone could be purchased from your website as well. I wore the costume to the Cosfest Christmas, here is a photo of my cosplay below. Thank you so much :D

Patricia 2013-12-08

I bought this FanClub Rin Kagamine cosplay a few months back and finally got some photos with it.

Harriet 2013-10-05

My cosplay came in the mail today and I tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY!! It felt comfortable to walk around in! If you're looking for an awesome Rin Kagamine costume, you should buy it here! I'm definitely buying from you guys again! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Shaelyn 2013-10-05

These are awesome I just got them today! I'll definitively buy from here again.

Diane 2013-08-15

Just received the costume today! Absolutely beautiful! Every request I had was fulfilled! I am very happy with my purchase! The only downside was that I also thought it was black, not brown, but I'm probably going to fix this myself. Thank you very much! I will certainly buy from you again! :D

monique 2013-08-08

i love it it arrived sooner than expected its soft and the mixed blond colors make it look so realistic

Caitlin 2013-08-08

I love my wig! It's so soft and I recieved it so quickly ^^ Get this wig if your cosplaying Rin for sure!

Audra 2013-08-08

I love my wig, i got it a long time ago and it was so soft~! And its a bit itchy, as all wigs are, but it was great quality. ^^ I would not hesitate to get another cosplay wig from here again. ;D

Ashlee 2013-08-08

Me again! Mid-thigh is actually what I was going for. Thank you very much. The shorts are close to the knee nut not too close as to where it doesn't show very much skin like it's supposed to. I look forward to ordering this! Love you guys!

Kathryn 2013-08-08

I have to say that this costume was very nice to have, it came earlier then i had expected ( but i had about 4 bucks to get it here faster)everything was nice the jacket, shirt were every good and the shirt was very nice. I have to say it's my first costume and hopefully i'd like to get another from Cosplayful because of this.

Melissa 2013-07-16

The costume fits perfectly but the gloves was a bit short, I request for it to be longer so it can go over my biceps. Overall I'm very please with CosplayFu and I'm planning to do more buy from them in the future.

Grace 2013-06-30

I just got this in the mail and it looks PERFECT!! If you're thinking on getting this, GET IT!! The only problem I have is the belt because it's really long for my height (I'm 5'2"-3"), but other than that it's great! I've bought from you guys before and you have yet to let me down. The costume looks exactly like the picture. The stockings feel AMAZING! The satin isn't like the kind of satin you would get from a normal costume shop, it won't make you feel overheated and it's so smooth. I guarantee that you guys will love it :) Now to go see if I can get the wig :)

Elyse 2013-05-09

Hi I got the Rin Meltdown cosplay from you. Here is a picture of me wearing it. : )

Atasia 2012-09-11

A year ago I purchased the stocking angel outfit. It is wonderful and I am pleased with the quality. The cosplay fits perfectly. I also purchased the sword and it is a nice prop. The only disappointing thing about the outfit is that it's in three pieces but it is still I am completely happy with this product. cosplayFU in the future. Thanks for doing such a lovely job.

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