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Gou Matsuoka Wig

heat resisting fiber wig

Gou Matsuoka Cosplay Costume

polyester costume

Gou Matsuoka Plush

Custom & Handmade

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Stephanie 2014-01-05

Here is my customer feedback for the Matsuoka Gou Costume. First, I really love the outer jacket, skirt, and bow. However, there were things that weren't included, and clothing that shouldn't have been made w/ that material. 01) The dress shirt. The dress shirt was made of polyester rather than a simple cotton-blend material. Polyester is really, really hot to wear, especially with a lot of layers! For future reference, it's better to make the dress shirt out of material that is NOT polyester. (CosplayFU: we accept custom modification request about changing material / design / color, customer just need to contact us about the request before make the order, then our tailor will check & confirm with customer, then we will give a private product link to customer to make their special order.) 02) I had to buy the gray sweater she wears separately, and it almost cost about the same price as the actual costume! That is crazy nuts! (CosplayFU: Since we include free shipping worldwide, so the unit price for buying a separate item will be high, so we always recommend customer buying full cosplay rather then buying a separate item.) Before you guys go nuts and saying that she doesn't wear a gray sweater, she does. She wears it under her blazer, and it's hard NOT to see it. (CosplayFU: we will always write down what parts are included in the product page to avoid any mis-understand, so please contact us when you are not sure if an item is included or not, that'll protect your right & avoid confuse.) 03) The sweater wasn't made of the material I was promised. I was told that it wouldn't make me feel hot while wearing it. But consider the fact that I'm living in a state that never, ever gets snow! It's hot year-round, and the fact that I was wearing a polyester dress shirt, then a gray sweater (not very light material), plus her blazer on top of that? I was really, really hot! (CosplayFU: http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Gou+Cosplay+%28Sweater%29+from+Free ; we will write down the item material in the product page, so if you'd like to change the material, please remember to contact us about your request, we will surely try our best to help customers to fulfill all requests. n_n ) Overall, I don't think I will be wearing this costume outside anymore, but inside my house for my own leisure now. On the bright side, it did look very official. Here is some pictures.

Rebecca 2014-01-01

The quality overall was very good and well made. Most of the cosplay fit great other than the skirt. It was way too big even though I knew I did the measurements right. So I had to pin it and make a few adjustments so the skirt would fit. Overall it was a well made cosplay and I love it.

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