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Yuna Cosplay (3rd) from Final Fantasy by Anita Wahyusari Purwanto

March 12th, 2012 by kelvin


Yuna Cosplay (3rd) from Final Fantasy

CosplayFU Costumer – Anita Wahyusari Purwanto (Australia): 

“The moment I got home I saw the package on my bed and opened it up with excitement, as I opened it I got it out piece by piece carefully and I was very impressed by the quality of work and effort that you all placed into it. There were to surprises that I had not realised were coming in with the package as I thought I would have to make them/buy them, these surprises were the bag and the bike pants I had not realised that they were in the package as well and so overall I am very happy with what I received from you as the costume looks very much like the real deal. I most definantly can’t wait until I receive Yuna’s songstress outfit as I know that is going to be just as amazing since my friend has one that she brought off you. Once again I would like to thank you for your time and effort in ensuring that I get my packages on time.”


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