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Taiwan Cosplay Flowers Changed

July 28th, 2009 by kelvin


We changed the flowers for taiwan cosplay.

Finally, we find the flowers for Taiwan costume from Axis Powers  Hetalia.


Every Taiwan costume will  have 2 flowers for free. ~\(≧▽≦)/~


I recently brought my Taiwan Cosplay and loved It, I got the flowers for mines shown with the costume display, would I have to buy those new flowers you guys have there, or what? Mines was violet not pink.
CosplayFU - Piano
Oh, this is the old version (2009 July), the flowers we made with the Taiwan costume is purple ( http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Taiwan+Cosplay+Costume+from+Axis+Power+Hetalia ) or red ( http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Taiwan+Cosplay+%28Schol+Uniform%29+from+Axis+Powers+Hetalia ). n_n

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