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White Mage (Tactics) Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Sheila(Germany)

"My White Mage Cosplay arrived a while ago and I was finally able to get it from the post office! It has a really, really nice quality and fits perfectly!
I’m very pleased to say that I’m going to order my future Cosplays over CosplayFU too, since I only have positive things to say. The delivery was unexpectedly fast, the costumer service is very, very nice and the fact alone that you guys take commissions satisfies me to no end (there wasn’t even a problem with customs and I didn’t have to pay extra taxes!).
I’m very glad that I choose this website to order my Cosplay C:"

White Mage (Tactics) Cosplay from Final Fantasy by Sheila

White Mage (Tactics) Cosplay from Final Fantasy by:

CosplayFU Customer Sheila

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