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Here is the new arrival of our Akatsuki complete ring set package from Naruto.

Akatsuki Complete Ring Set Package (10 Rings )  from Naruto

The colours are slightly different from the old pattern.

In Naruto, Each  member of  Akatsuki wears a single, unique ring, and no any two members wear the  same ring on the same finger.

Each ring  has its  special significance and unique symbol.

Rei 零 (Zero)–worn by Pain on the right thumb.  Pain acts as the leader of the group.

Sei 青 (Blue-Green)–worn by Deidara on the right index finger. He is from Hidden Rock and he utilizes mouths on his palms to creat exploding art.

Byaku/ Haku 白 (White)–worn by Konan on the right middle finger. She is the only female member of the group and possessed the ability to disperse her body into paper.

Shu 朱  (Scarlet)–worn by Uchiha Itachi on the right ring finger. He murdered everyone in his clan and then fled his village and joined Akatsuki.

Kai 亥 (Boar)–worn by Zetsu on the right little finger.  Zetsu has a venus-fly trap-like apperance.

Sora 空 (Sky)–worn by Orochimaru on the left little finger. He knows the forbidden jutsu.

Minami 南 (South)–worn by Kisame on the left ring finger. Kisame has ever engaged in murder and rebellion in his home country and then joined Akatsuki.

Hoku 北 ( North)–worn by Kakuzu on the left middle finger. He is a misssing-nin from Hidden Waterfall.

San 三 (Three)–worn by Hidan on the left index finger. He is from Hot Springs village.

Tama 玉 (Sphere)–worn by Sasori on the left thumb. He can turn people into puppets.