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CosplayFU Customer Whitney(United States)

"Amazing cosplay! Fits perfect and shipping was excellent! Super fast! A++++"

CosplayFU Customer Monika I Spoerri-Mayer(Canada)

“Thank you!!!! The cosplay is amazing!!!! Arrived earlier than expected!!! Wonderfully done!!!
I bought two watches and they arrived way earlier than i expected! ^_^ However, while one is perfectly fine, the second watch is not working right >.< i am going to go to a shop to get it fixed… hopefully it works then! Overall, they look pretty and shiny! They are a little small but perfect for your pocket! But i hope they are double checked that they are working correctly before they are shipped :O !
I had ordered the Edward Elric Cosplay
and my friend got the Seychelles cosplay

We found them AMAZING o(^w^)o

Thank you very much!
Everyone loved them!”

CosplayFU Customer Whitney Carlson(United States)

"I LOVE my Edward Elric cosplay from Cosplayfu! I am actually cosplaying as Alphonse Elric from the FMA movie “Conqueror of Shamballa”, since Al wears Ed’s outfit. 😉 Amazing cosplay! Always come back to Cosplayfu!♥♥♥"