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Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy

CosplayFU Costumer – Anita Wahyusari Purwanto (Australia):

“I have brought three costumes from you i.e. Vanille (Final Fantasy), Yuna Songstress (Final Fantasy), Aerith (Final Fantasy) and I simply love them, I wear the Aerith’s one quite a lot. I have plans to buy Sailor Moon’s costume from you tomorrow and Sailor Saturn’s plus Sailor Saturn’s shoes. I simply love the quality and the design that is placed in the costumes you can see the amount of effort in them.”


P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

Allies Cosplay Dress from Final Fantasy

“I received the product I had ordered, wednesday. And I’m satisfied.
Thank you again.”

I received Aerith Cosplay I had ordered, Wednesday. And I’m satisfied. Thank you again.

CosplayFU Costumer: Becquart Laurène (France)