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Tag Me@CosplayFU 2013!!!

April 10th, 2013 by kelvin

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Tag Me Game 2013 starts already!!


Join & play with us & win CASH coupons!!!  ↖(^ω^)↗


Wah!!!   Top 5 players are just sooooo amazing!!

You are all just so close!

491 tags

470 tags

456 tags

402 tags

392 tags

Players who tag 100+ photos: 14 players

tag 200+ photos: 10 players!!

tag 300+ photos: 5 players!!!

*Update: 2013/04/20 07:57


WoooW  exciting exciting!!

Players who tag 100+ photos: 13 players

Players who tag 200+ photos: 8 players

Players who tag 300+ photos: 5 players

(⊙o⊙) –> Players who tag 400+ photos: 1 player!!!!   <– (⊙o⊙)

*Update: 2013/04/19  11:31


Updates: 2013/04/18  12:02

Photos: 765

Players who tag 100+ photos: 11 players

Top 10 players countries: US, Australia, Netherlands, UK.

Similar to our last year game, we will have 1 week pre-launch period

And, 5 day game time:  17-April-2013, 12:00 [noon, Hong Kong Time] – 22nd-April-2013 [noon, Hong Kong Time], you can start to write down all character name & comics name at that time, in 5 languages (including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German).

★\( *^_^* )/★*  ★\( *^_^* )/★*  ★\( *^_^* )/★*★\( *^_^* )/★*

【What is the Tag Me@CosplayFU game?】

Players join the game, check the game photo and tag it with correct character name & comic name.

The more correct tags you put, the higher scores for your account.

For the top 3 highest scores winners, CosplayFU will issue the World Game Transcripts & Cash Coupons & Top 10 winners list will be announced at CosplayFU website & our FaceBook pages!


【What are the Tag Me@CosplayFU game rules?】

1. Everyone can join this game, both member account & reseller account are welcomed.

2. If you don’t have CosplayFU member account yet, please register an account first.

3. The most important principle for this game:  FUN.

4. You can play yourself or call your friends & play together in 1 member account!

5. You can ask your friends to help you recognize the photos, but avoid to duplicate the answers in different player accounts.

6. Fill up the character name & comic name in correct tag box!  (Tag the character name + comic name correctly. 1 correct tag = 1 score!)

7. Pre-launch period: (noon) 10th April – (16:00) 17th April 2013, you have 7 days to preview all game photos.  (All time & date are in Hong Kong time)

8. Game time: (noon) 17th April – (noon) 22nd April 2013, you have 7 days to play the game!  Just tag as many game photos as possible.  (All time & date are in Hong Kong time)

9. Checking period: we will take 1 week to check all tags & count all players scores.

10. Result will be announced on 27th April 2013!

11. Tag Me@CosplayFU 2013 game link: http://www.cosplayfu.com/tagme !

12. Top 3 Prizes: World Competition Transcripts + Cash Coupon (value equivalent to your scores) + Winners list shown in our website & Facebook pages!

13. Top 4-10 Prizes: US$50 Cash Coupon + Winners list shown in our website & Facebook pages!

14. Final decision will be made by CosplayFU team.


【How to join the Tag Me game?】

1. log in to your member account at: http://www.cosplayfu.com/login

*or register and verify the registration email if you don’t have CosplayFU member account yet.

2. go to our Tag Me game page: http://www.cosplayfu.com/tagme


3. Check the cosplayer photo, tag the Comic name & Role name, then click ‘Tag me’ next it.

4. You will see a pop-up box says ‘Success’, then click ‘OK’.


 5. Check another cosplayer photos and tag it, complete as many cosplay photos correctly as you can.

6. We will check all tags after the Tag Me game, and announce the Top 3 Scores Winners on 27th April 2013.


7. It always shows how many Photos Tags you have finished.


8. Start the TAG ME game on 17th April!


【Tag Me Examples】

【Example 1】

Tag Format: comic name + role name
(Tag #1) Fairy Tail + Levy McGarden <– correct! = 1 score

(Tag #2) Fairy Tail+ Levy  <– wrong
*[reason: incomplete role name]

(Tag #3) Levy McGarden + Fairy Tail <– wrong
*[reason: wrong format]


【Example 2】

Tag Format: comic name + role name
(Tag #1) Vocaloid + Miku Hatsune <– correct! = 1 score

(Tag #2) Vocaloid + Miku <– wrong
*[reason: incomplete role name]

(Tag #3) Vocaloid + Miku Hasune <– wrong
*[reason: spelling mistakes]

The format is easy, right? Okay, now, it’s the most important part!


PRIZES Preview!!! 

1. A Game Transcript For Top 3 Players! 

*this is for top 3 players only, if you really would like to have it, you can submit tickets (with request & simple descriptions) to our Support Center, we can issue and send you the Transcript with your orders.


2. A Winner Commendation For Top 3 Players! 

*this will include your Member Name + Member Account Email + Scores!
*For top 3 winners only!


3. CosplayFU Cash Coupon Which The Cash Value Is Equivalent To Your Scores For Top 3 Players! 

*This coupon is e-coupon code, we will email you the coupon code directly, so please make sure your member email address is correct & valid.
*e.g.1.  If you are the Winner and your score is 609, then you will get a US$609 CosplayFU Cash Coupon;
  e.g. 2. If you are the First-Runners Up and your score is 523, then you will get a US$523 CosplayFU Cash Coupon.
*This cash coupon is valid for 1 year.
*This cash coupon is a one-time-off coupon, customer cannot save the coupon balance and use it next time.
*This cash coupon can be split into 2 cash coupons if you request.
*This cash coupon can be used to buy items at CosplayFU only, cannot exchange to cash.
*This cash coupon cannot be used to pay for gift package fee & extra shipping cost. (we include free shipping worldwide already).
*This cash coupon cannot be used in Reseller accounts.


【Friends FAQ section

If you’ve any questions about this game, just leave the question in this post bottom are ‘Leave a Reply’, and we will answer it & add it into our game FAQ section.

 {Q1}  Can I fill up the same photo for 5 times in 5 different languages?

**A1: No, you can put only 1 tag in 1 photo only.  But, you can input different languages tags for different photos in your player account.

 {Q2} Can I register more than 1 player account & duplicate the tags for all players accounts?

**A2: You can register more than 1 player account, but cannot duplicate the tags in all those players accounts; we will check the ip address & tags similarities randomly from the top 10 winners, if we found such suspicious cases, my team will discuss & may cancel players qualifications.

 {Q3} What if there are English titles and Japanese titles for the same comic? (ex: Kuroshitsuji and Black Butler) Do we just use the ones on the comic list in Cosplayfu?

**A3: Both are correct.  We will check them & refer to wikipedia & Google, if the spelling is correct, then both are correct.

 {Q4} Can I put English character name with German comic name?

**A4: No, 1 tag should be in 1 language.  English character name + English comic name = correct, English character name + German comic name = wrong.

 {Q5} Can reseller account plays this game?

**A5: Yes, reseller account can join this game, however, if you win & get the cash coupon, then that coupon cannot be used in reseller account.

 {Q6} Will it ever say that a tag is wrong?

**A6: No, we will check all tags during Checking Period, during the game period, we will not disturb players.

 {Q7} When it says success, does that mean it is correct?

**A7:  No, it means the tag is saved successfully in your player account only. We will only check all tags after game is over.


[Update: HK time: 2013-04-19  11:31]


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