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Tag Me 2013 Updates

April 22nd, 2013 by kelvin


\\\ Tag Me@CosplayFU 2013 – Results Announcement ///

There are totally 765 photos57 players + 1491 tags

!!!Thanks again for all of your support, it makes this a SUPER wonderful game!!!

{*Top 10 Winner Notification emails will be sent during this weekend, please check your email later~♥}


↑↑↑↑↑↑  Result Statistics screenshot (Top 16) ↑↑↑↑↑↑

Results (Ranking):

 Rank 1: 【397 scores】 –mina******hicafe@gmail.com

 Rank 2: 【 391 scores】 –otili*****cia@ymail.com

 Rank 3: 【 372 scores】 –char*****o@hotmail.com

 Rank 4: 【 305 scores】 –larn*****ex@yahoo.com

 Rank 5: 【 301 scores】 –bobde*****og@hotmail.com

 Rank 6: 【 275 scores】 –twan*****@gmail.com

 Rank 7: 【 238 scores】 –iFan*****@hotmail.com

 Rank 8: 【 210 scores】 –Kiwika*****223@gmail.com

 Rank 9: 【 208 scores】 –uts****o@ymail.com

 Rank 10: 【 196 scores】 –gat****a@gmail.com

★ Where can I check my Tag Me game 2013 Result? ★

 –> http://www.cosplayfu.com/tagme?check=1  <–

*Just input your email address & password & search~


 Prize List:

【1. A Game Transcript!】(Top 3 winners only)

【2. A Winner Commendation!】(Top 3 winners only)


【3. CosplayFU Cash Coupon Which The Cash Value Is Equivalent To Your Scores!】(Top 3 winners only)

Champion: CosplayFU US$397 cash coupon

First-Runner-Up: CosplayFU US$391 cash coupon

Second-Runner-Up: CosplayFU US$372 cash coupon

【4. CosplayFU USD$50 Cash Coupon!】(Rank 4-10 only)

CosplayFU Cash Coupon terms:
*This cash coupon is valid for 1 year.
*This cash coupon is a one-time-off coupon {customer cannot save the coupon balance and use it next time}.  If you’d like to split up your coupon value, please send an email to support@cosplayfu.com 
*This cash coupon can be used to buy items at CosplayFU only, cannot exchange to cash.
*This cash coupon cannot be used to pay for gift package fee & extra shipping cost. (we include free shipping worldwide already).
*This cash coupon cannot be used in Reseller accounts & buy from 70% Special Offer & Fullset category.

【5. Winners list shown in our website (this post) & Facebook pages!】

Our FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CosplayFu/92433208135

Tag Me FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TagmeCosplayFU/216295211832065

 We will contact all top 10 winners directly by email during this weekend, if you’ve any questions about the result, please submit ticket to our Support Center (category: Tag Me game) and let us help you directly.   n_n

Date: 2013/04/24  15:31


****************************  Time’s Up and Game’s Over  ****************************

We will start to check all tags accuracy in this week

Results will be announced in this post on this  Saturday (27th April 2013, HK time)

★\(*゚▽゚*)/★*  ★\(*゚▽゚*)/★*  ★\(*゚▽゚*)/★*  ★\(*゚▽゚*)/★*

~~Let’s have some updates first~~

+++Not result yet, because we haven’t check the tags accuracy yet+++


1st place: 765/765 tags  (from Philadelphia, US)   <–  (⊙o⊙)   (we’ve 765 photos in total!!)

2nd place: 514/765 tags (from San Diego, US)

3rd place: 479/765 tags (from San Diego, US)

4th place: 437/765 tags (from Sydney, Australia)

5th place: 403/765 tags (from Utrecht, Netherlands)

6th place: 344/765 tags (from Redwood City, US)

7th place: 325/765 tags (from Syracuse, US)


Players who tags 200+ photos: 11 players

Players who tags 100+ photos: 23 players

Update: 2013/04/22  13:37


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