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Sakura (Tsubasa) Cosplay from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by Ashlee

July 15th, 2013 by admin

Sakura (Tsubasa) Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Ashlee(United States)

“Hello,Here are some of the cosplay photos
that were taken at my last anime convention with one of your wonderful products.These pictures are ofmy Princess Sakura Cosplay (white) from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I hope you like them! I absolutely loved the dress! I accidentally ordered the wrong size when I ordered this back in June of last year but it was an easy fix. Some of the buttons on the front kept falling off but that’s no problem. I was able to sew them back on ad add some extra thread to the ones that haven’t fallen off. the cloak is a little tight around my shoulders and in order for it to show my shoulders I have to pull it down so that the gold lining was about at my forearm and that limited my arm movements.. I’m having another one made but I’m keeping the original as a back up. Don’t get the wrong idea though. The original is wonderful, it’s just a little difficult to move around in. I will definitely be ordering from you in the future! You guys rock! <3”

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