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April 13th, 2011 by kelvin

Hello  my lovely friends

How are you? Cosplayfu.com comes again

I am a bit  busy recently that no contact with you, but i miss you very much!!

Do you miss me ??  Haaahaaha

Today I will introduce some clothes about Lolita, I love these very much~~~

Hope you can enjoy the dresses with me~~

Now,  show you some photos

Lolita Dress (10030206-AH)

Lolita Dress (10030209-AQ Pink)

Lolita Dress (10030103-A)

Lolita Dress (09030302-H Ivory)

Lolita Dress (09030306-H Black)

Lolita Dress (Marguerite)

How do you think the Lolita dress I show for you?  Like it?

I think every girl at least own a Lolita dress , the dress stands for lovely, noble,and…… I don’t know~hahaha

If you want to buy a  Lolita dress , us Cosplayfu.com is your first and best choice.

More choices  to check  please click to “ Lolita dress

Of  course, Cosplayfu.com has others costumes and we are waiting for you.

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