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Christmas Giveaway 2013!!

November 26th, 2013 by admin

3 items are just released!

+++Totally 6 cosplay costumes & 24 separate items are available now+++

–2013.12.9  10:55 (HK time)

8 Items are just released!

+++Totally 41 items are available now+++

–those Giveaway Orders have NOT complete payment within 12 hours have been canceled.

–2013.12.6   00:45 (HK time)


Giveaway 2013 Has Started Already!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

Dear all our favorite friends 


We have exciting news for all of you.  We prepare a special offer for everyone this year!


+++ Totally 107 Items Are Available +++


↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑  ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ 

All the costumes in CosplayFU Giveaway Corner are FREE!  You just need to pay for the shipping fee and we will give you the costume for free!!!  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


PERIOD: From noon Dec 05th ~ noon Dec 11th 2013 (HKT)

OFFER: All members who have successful order(s) in CosplayFU during 2013-01-01 & 2013-10-31.

DETAILS: In this post~~

22* Paypal payment gate way is the only payment method~~

vs *All costumes in Giveaway Corner can check costume size & details only, we will update all the product links within these 2 days~


We only have one quantity for each size of the costume. So there is only one chance for each costume, get your favorite costume now!






  1. Go to Giveaway Corner
  2. Check your favorite costumes & click to see the costume size & details
  3. Decide which costumes you like, then click ‘Add to Cart’ (after Monday) or ‘Buy it now ‘ (during Offer period) and fill in all the shipping information.
  4. Input your order & shipping information and proceed it as normal orders will be okay~
  5. When the time arrives noon Dec 05th, then you can pay and checkout.


Screenshot 1: Input shipping info



Screenshot 2: Shipping method options




Screenshot 3: Double Confirmation & Pay





1) Every one can only get maximum 1 complete cosplay costume and 2 separate items in Giveaway Corner.

2) The shipping fee does NOT including gift packaging fees. If you’d like to pack it as a gift, please tick ‘This is a gift’ in your shopping cart~

3) No Free shipping for this offer. You can select the Standard Shipping, Express Shipping or Premium Express shipping in the order form.

Everything is ready in our website, and the shipping fees will be count automatically in the shopping cart, so you just simply order & pay as normal.   (*^__^*)



55Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there any limitations for getting this offer?

A: Yes, every one can only get maximum 1 complete cosplay costume and 2 separate items in the same time.


Q: Are those costumes defect or have any issues?

A: 🙂  No, all of them are in perfect condition, and we prepare them as X’mas presents for all CosplayFU members~~


Q: Why I cannot make an order?

A: We only offer those customers who have successful order(s) in CosplayFU during 2013-01-01 & 2013-10-31.


Q: Why I cannot make another order?

A: If you made a Giveaway order already, no matter it’s been paid or not; our system will classify you have ordered already, and will not allow you make another order.  After 12 hours, we will cancel those unpaid orders, and you will able to make a new order again (if your previous order is failed or canceled).


Q: Can I make the Giveaway order first, and pay it later?

A: Since we only have ONE quantity for each size of the costume, so if another member order & paid for the order before you do, then you will unable to get that Give Away item, and your unpaid order will be canceled, hope you can understand.

*First come, first serve is the basic rule.

*If we find a member ordered & paid for more than 1 Giveaway items, we will keep his/her first order only.

*If the Give Away order has not complete payment within 12 hours, then we will cancel the order and release it to public again.


Q: When will this offer start & end?

A: This offer is available from noon Dec 05th ~ noon Dec 11th 2013, Hong Kong Time.

*Check our Hong Kong Time now: http://goo.gl/x8QEs (or simply search ‘Hong Kong time’ in Google.com )


Q: Can I get any costumes from CosplayFU for free?

A: No, only the costumes in Give Away Corner join this offer.


Q: Are the wigs, shoes and accessories joining this offer?

A: No, only the costumes in Give Away Corner join this offer.


Q: Can I use coupon for the order?

A: Yes, you can use the coupon in shopping cart.

*Please be reminded the coupon cannot apply into shipping fees & gift packaging fee.


Q: I’m a reseller; can I get this offer with my reseller account?

A: Yes, this offer is available for everyone.


Q: Why there is no free shipping method?

A: Give Away orders cannot enjoy free shipping.


Q: Why can’t I choose other size of Give Away costume?

A: This offer is only for the specific costume size list in Give Away Corner.


Q: Can I return the costume if the costume doesn’t fit?

A: We are sorry that we don’t accept any return or refund for Give Away costumes.


Q: Can I choose to use the Gift Package services?

A: Yes, if you order fulfills the gift package requirements, then ‘Gift’ option will be shown in Shopping Cart automatically, and you can choose which type of gift packages you’d like to have, and just pay for the gift package service fee & shipping fee will be okay.

*If your order’s weight or size is bigger than our gift box, then ‘Gift’ option will be hidden off.

*How to make gift orders?


Q: Can I order other items (from different categories) with my Give Away costume?

A: Yes, you can add other costumes, wigs, shoes, accessories, 70% OFF category together with your Give Away order, but the processing time will depends on other items in your order.

*e.g. Give Away costume can be shipped within 24 hours in weekdays, but if there is another costume  (which takes 12-17 business days processing time) in you order, then the processing time for your order will become 12-17 business days.

*If you order other items (from different categories) with any Give Away costume, the time for checkout is noon Dec 05th


Q: What can I do if I have further questions?

A: Don’t worry, just put your questions in the ‘Comment’ box below, we will check all comments daily, and reply them in this post directly; or, you can also submit tickets to our Support Center.  n_n




In this cold winter

  We Wish Everyone A Happy Christmas!!  

ღღ  A Happy & Peaceful  2014!!  ღღ




I have had a successful order earlier this year between the specified 2013-01-01 & 2013-10-31. I'm not sure I'm a member of cosplay fu as the login keeps rejecting my email, even though I'm quite sure i became a member when purchasing from you that time. I still have the email receipt as proof of purchase. Will i still be able to make an order in this give away?
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello Jade, just check your record, yes, your last order is on 2013-03-02, so you are qualified to join the X'mas Giveaway, please don't worry about it. If you've further questions about the order number, just submit ticket at http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/ , then we can help you directly. *Personal information cannot be posted here. n_n
They won't let my click on any products ;~: please help
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello Lam, don't worry, all product links will be available on Monday. n_n
Hi, it says that the product links will be available on Monday, do you mean Monday Hong Kong time?
CosplayFU - Piano
Yes, around the coming Monday's noon, Hong Kong time. :)
I was wondering, would I be qualified for it?
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello Alice, your previous order is on 2013-11-16, so we are afraid you are not qualify in our X'mas Giveaway 2013, sorry about this. :)
*OFFER: All members who have successful order(s) in CosplayFU during 2013-01-01 & 2013-10-31.
Is there a way to confirm if you got the items first? I paid but I don't know if I'm the first one to or not. Want to be sure
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello P0nche, we will confirm order & payment as soon as possible, if you paid successful already, then it is successful order already, so please don't worry about it. Otherwise, if the system will not let you complete the checkout process. n_n

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