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Chinese New Year holidays

January 14th, 2013 by kelvin

Dear all customers,

February is our Chinese Lunar New Year celebration month, and many of our tailors & materials’ suppliers will enjoying their long holidays in Feb. 2013, so during this period, some orders’ processing time may be longer than normal seasons.

If you have rush order, which you need them in Feb. 2013, please make the order & payment before 17th Jan. 2013, so they will able to reach you on time .  ( *^_^* )


*P.S.1. Plz. remember to mark down the date you need (the order) when you fill up the order form~
*P.S.2. Everything else will remain as normal, we will stay in our website as normal~
*P.S.3. If you have questions, just write down your questions in this post ‘Leave a Reply’ box, Piano will check & reply it daily~
CosplayFU Team



I ordered a cosplay on the 5th of jan and i need it by the 14th of Feb for an anime convention. I put the date i needed it by when i ordered.
So will my order get to me on time? Or is this only for people who hasnt ordered already?
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello kimi, it depend on which costume you order. If it is standard costumes(not Deluxe series, not commission series), it will reach you on time, or, you can simply check your order at http://www.cosplayfu.com/orderstatus/ . n_n
It still says ''processing not ship yet'' and i got it in a 3x so that kind of worries me :(
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello kimi, we received you order on 5th Jan, and our tailor starts to make your costume on 7th Jan., since this costume will take us about 2 weeks to finish (so it will probably finished next week), if you use free shipping (20-30 days shipping time), it may reach you around mid-Feb., if you'd like to upgrade a faster shipping method, please submit ticket (with order number & request) to us at http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/ , and my teammates will help you immediately. :)
I plan on changing the shipping and handeling to UPS TODAY
would it get to me before feb 14th?
CosplayFU - Piano
Hello kimi, yes, my teammate receives your ticket and will help you directly. n_n

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