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Akatsuki Complete Ring Set from Naruto

December 3rd, 2009 by kelvin

Here is the new arrival of our Akatsuki complete ring set package from Naruto.

Akatsuki Complete Ring Set Package (10 Rings )  from Naruto

The colours are slightly different from the old pattern.

In Naruto, Each  member of  Akatsuki wears a single, unique ring, and no any two members wear the  same ring on the same finger.

Each ring  has its  special significance and unique symbol.

Rei 零 (Zero)–worn by Pain on the right thumb.  Pain acts as the leader of the group.

Sei 青 (Blue-Green)–worn by Deidara on the right index finger. He is from Hidden Rock and he utilizes mouths on his palms to creat exploding art.

Byaku/ Haku 白 (White)–worn by Konan on the right middle finger. She is the only female member of the group and possessed the ability to disperse her body into paper.

Shu 朱  (Scarlet)–worn by Uchiha Itachi on the right ring finger. He murdered everyone in his clan and then fled his village and joined Akatsuki.

Kai 亥 (Boar)–worn by Zetsu on the right little finger.  Zetsu has a venus-fly trap-like apperance.

Sora 空 (Sky)–worn by Orochimaru on the left little finger. He knows the forbidden jutsu.

Minami 南 (South)–worn by Kisame on the left ring finger. Kisame has ever engaged in murder and rebellion in his home country and then joined Akatsuki.

Hoku 北 ( North)–worn by Kakuzu on the left middle finger. He is a misssing-nin from Hidden Waterfall.

San 三 (Three)–worn by Hidan on the left index finger. He is from Hot Springs village.

Tama 玉 (Sphere)–worn by Sasori on the left thumb. He can turn people into puppets.

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