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oh, thats weird, well I've sent the same link again twice and if it doesnt work again then we'll leave it   - 2015-04-25 05:32
Hello,sorry,the photo link does not work.Maybe you can try to send us the reference photo through email : [email protected].
can you possibly make her costume with the hat   - 2015-04-25 01:58

Hello, generally we can make this outfit, but do you have more clear pictures to show the details? If you like it, it`s better for you to contact our Support Center  and ask for a commission. :)


possible?   - 2015-04-25 00:02

Hello, we are afraid this costume can not be made because the appropriate material is hard to find, if we make it in other material, the style will be changed.n_n

natsu dragneel is wearing a kimono and hakama   - 2015-04-24 19:38

Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n

i would like to suggest Gopher from soul eater as an available costume.

(images provided belong to their respective owners)   - 2015-04-24 12:16

Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n

I've looked for days and can't find a site that sells this so I thought maybe I could suggest this. the only site I can find won't pull it up   - 2015-04-24 04:50
Hello,the photo does not work,could you please try to send them to us again?

Yes, you should make "lLET'S EAT!!!" On the apron thanks :3   - 2015-04-24 01:51
Hello,yes,we can make it for you.Here is the link,
can you make this green dress and gloves ?

and wig?

this if of the doll because its the only pictures i could find of back side and front view blanchett Cinderella stepmother dress.jpg   - 2015-04-24 00:52

Hello, generally we can make this costume for you, but it`s hard to make the effect like the photos.If you want to commission it,we need to confirm more details,so please submit a ticket (with your request and more detail pictures) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you.n_n

Owari No Seraph is a new anime that has recently come out, and my friend and I would love to cosplay it. The children in the beginning in the anime are taken hostage by vampires, and they end up having to wear pretty much the same uniform.
Can you make it for us?
It has a hooded top, pants, a collar, two ankle bracelets, and two hand bracelets.   - 2015-04-23 17:46
Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n
Would you be able to make this? Ty ^_^   - 2015-04-23 11:15
Hello,should we made the words"Let`s EAT!!!" on the apron?

ok, I'm glad your able to publish the costume and I given you a link to the shoes, its the only one available   - 2015-04-23 05:37
Hello,the photo does not work.Could you please try to send it to us again?

Can you make this?   - 2015-04-22 18:18
Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n
Would you be able to make this? :3   - 2015-04-22 15:35
Hello,the photo does not work,could you please try to send it to us again?
Okay I found some more reference pictures of Gao that should hopefully help out, let me know if you need anything else.   - 2015-04-22 07:08
Hello,yes,we can make this costume for you.But we can not make the badge on the hat.
Here is the link at


hand blade?   - 2015-04-21 22:53
Hello, generally we can make this outfit, but it is hard to make the effect like the cartoon`s. 
If you like it, you can contact our Support Center and ask for a commission. :)
Hello I was wondering if you could make just her hat?   - 2015-04-21 21:50
Hello,we have this costume,you can refer the hat to here,we can make the hat in this way only. 
Can you make her Cosplay?   - 2015-04-21 17:53
Hello,yes,we can make this outfit.Here is the link at 
Could you make this? Thanks :)   - 2015-04-21 11:47
Hello,yes,we can make the costume for you.Here is the link at
ok I've reattached the pictures, again I'm sorry if they're not very good but they were the only pictures I could find and I still garuntee you tht the back of the dress is exactly the same as the front with the only difference being that there's no open collar at the back and the is a zip instead but if it's still too hard then I you can make the wig instead, or the shoes   - 2015-04-21 07:22
Hello,yes,we can make this outfit for you.Here is the link at

For the shoes,could you please send us more clear reference photos about it?

Can you make her dress   - 2015-04-21 03:47
Hello,yes,we can make it for you.But the fur can be similar only,the irregular parts on the bottom can not be made.Here`s the link at 
Could you maybe make this? :3   - 2015-04-20 18:17
Hello,yes,we can make the vest,shirt,pants,neck bow for you.Here is the link at

Can you make this please?   - 2015-04-20 18:14
Hello,yes,we can make the top,inner shirt,pants,belt,neck bow,mini hat for you.Here is the link at 
To reply to your answer, I emailed the owner of the photo and she said thew back is like Ultimate Madoka's train just ruffled and also has a white bow on back.   - 2015-04-20 18:08
Hello,the photo does not work,could you please send us the photo/link again?
Cosplay shoes

brown high heel boots   - 2015-04-20 17:57
Hello,yes,we can make the shoes for you.Here is the link at
I would love to be able to cosplay as Gao. Let me know if you need any more references.   - 2015-04-20 10:27
Hello,could you please provide us more reference photos about the details?(the symbol on the hat,the symbol on the inner shirt,etc.)