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2015-08-27 23:18
i need a lola rembrite costume by Halloween
2015-08-27 22:28
Hello I was looking into doing a ticci toby costume and i found the hoodie on this website but they don't sell them anymore it looks like, so I was wondering if I can request that one in particular for commissioning maybe. my size is at about a large and my measurements based off of the size chart are as follows. thank you!
chest: 34 in
waist: 31 in
hip: 33 in
Shoulder: 15 in
Height: 63 in
weight: 125 Ibs.
2015-08-27 22:09
Hello! sorry to bug but with this character i cannot seem to find a wig for it, i was wondering if i could get anything like it (Horns not included)
2015-08-27 16:35
jacket, fingerless gloves, hat, stockings, uniform, belt pocket

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-27 20:36

Hello, yes, we can make this costume for you, here is the link at:
2015-08-27 15:04
I would like to get an Eridan Ampora wig because no one sells them! his whole cosplay would be cool but with a separate wig

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-27 20:18

Hello, about this costume, some details can not
be sure
such as the words on the
, please submit a ticket
(with your request and more detail pictures) to our
 and let my teammates help

2015-08-26 19:26
I saw this gender bend cosplay idea and love it!
But I'd want the vest to swoop into an underbust, is that possible and would how much would it be?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-26 20:42

Hello, we cam make this costume, here is the link at:
If you want to change the design please submit a ticket to our Support Center and write down your request about the vest of this
costume, our teammates will help you.n_n

2015-08-26 04:02
C-can ya make this for me...the wig as well

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-26 04:27

Hello, we are afraid that the costume could not
be made cause the pattern could not be seen clearly. If you can provide clear
pictures of it, please contact our 
Supper Center
and our tailor will make it for you. 

Please input the answer.