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2015-07-05 12:59
is it possible to have just the top and bottom and arm and leg wraps commisioned? if so, how much will it cost?
2015-07-05 12:45
is it possible to have this commisioned? if so, how much would it be for just the top, bottom and arm and leg wraps?

i have a larger picture if needed
2015-07-05 10:16
is it possible to have this cosplay made with these specififications by this date and what exactly would be made? gender- male height- 70 in waist 32 in hip 37 in arm 24 in shoulder- 20 in neck- 17 in bust- 35 in weight- 150
2015-07-04 15:19
Hello! I was wondering if it were possible to make Mafumafu's (white haired) outfit on the cover of his and Soraru's (dark haired) 'After Rain Quest' album. He isn't a character but the costume was quite lovely that I'd love to cosplay in it! If you need a better reference image I'd be happy to draw one up?
2015-07-03 17:53
Hey there,
I was looking for a Mew Mint cosplay where she is in her maid dress . It's important that it's excectly like in the picture . I saw the Mew ichigo one on this site and i saw that some parts of the dress where missing/ or wrong, like the big bow at the back and the heart part at the front of the dress . If you need more pictures of the dress feel free to ask :)
2015-07-03 13:32
Hi there!
I stumbled across this site on accident actually, but I've fallen in love with the cosplays you guys do!
2015-07-03 05:17
Well, that's wonderfull. Where can i buy it?
2015-07-02 21:37
Isn't the "wrinkle effect" pretty much the same on this dress?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-03 04:59

Hello, it will be a little different, we can send you the photo before we ship it to you. Just leave your requirement in remark box when ordering.

(e.g. i want see the photos before you ship it to me,etc.)

Please input the answer.