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2015-07-05 20:37
Providing more reference as requested! nwn
She doesn't really have any references for the back, I believe the patterns would just repeat and the top would be more of a corset?
2015-07-05 19:48
I would sincerely appreciate it, if you would make a Polka cosplay from Eternal Sonata. It is a video game. She does in fact carry a parasol around with her, so I would appreciate it if you could make that as well. She has a lolita-ish clothing sense to her. I love this video game and love this character. You don't have to do this at all, I'm just suggesting. Thanks for listening!
2015-07-05 16:40
Hi there! I've been looking for a cosplay of this character; would it be possible to have it made?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-05 20:30

Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n

2015-07-05 14:39
Can you custom make a wig for a child? This would be for a toddler boy age 4 years old. The character is "Ryder" from Paw Patrol. see photo attached.
The hair/ wig should be dark brown to match.
How much would this cost in US dollars?
Thank you,
2015-07-05 14:04
Hello! I saw that you're making a cosplay of Azura from Fire Emblem Fates, so I had an idea. Why don't you make a cosplay of Corrin as well? Corrin (AKA Kamui) is the "Avatar" of the game, similar to Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening, which you've made a lot of cosplays of. There are two versions of Corrin: A male and a female version. Both designs are mostly the same, but have a few key differences: The designs of the black leggings and black sleeves. The reference pictures included in this suggestion include both the male and female versions. What do you think?
2015-07-05 13:56
Need asap please and thank you
2015-07-05 12:59
is it possible to have just the top and bottom and arm and leg wraps commisioned? if so, how much will it cost?
2015-07-05 12:45
is it possible to have this commisioned? if so, how much would it be for just the top, bottom and arm and leg wraps?

i have a larger picture if needed

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-05 20:29

Hello, can you provide the back view and more detail pictures to us, then we can tell if we can make it for you. n_n

2015-07-05 10:16
is it possible to have this cosplay made with these specififications by this date and what exactly would be made? gender- male height- 70 in waist 32 in hip 37 in arm 24 in shoulder- 20 in neck- 17 in bust- 35 in weight- 150

Please input the answer.