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2016-05-05 15:24
Hey it's me again wondering can make this cosplay!
2016-05-05 14:57
References show the outfit in full detail. need full outfit (including cloak in the first one), boot covers, gloves and crown.
2016-05-05 13:24
Kaworu Nagisa when they pilot the Evangelion 13. It is the same as the Mark.06 plugsuit with a blue and black color scheme. Kaworu's plugsuit is black with a blue top and has an upper case Alpha letter on his back.
2016-05-05 13:21
Plugsuit 08
Exclusive to the Rebuild movies, this plugsuit is worn by Mari Makinami Illustrious when she pilots the Evangelion Unit-08. It sports a pink, white and black color scheme and is very similar to the second plugsuit worn by Asuka in Evangelion 3.0. Suit
2016-05-04 23:41
Hello cosplayfu could you make Linkle's cosplay?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 05-05 01:59

Hello, we can make this costume in similar, the product link will be given later.n_n

Here is the link at

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