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2017-02-23 18:53
Would you be able to make the top, jacket , and shorts?
2017-02-23 09:18
the braid, I wonder how much would it cost for you to make this and how long would it take.
2017-02-22 00:10
Another one of her costume/kostum yang lain

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-22 02:18

Hello,the costume is a bit complicated,we need more clearly reference photos,please submit a ticket to our support center & let our teammate help you.

2017-02-21 15:19
Hello! Was wondering if you could make the dress and leggings for Lusamine from Pokemon Sun and Moon!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-21 20:50

Hello,yes,we can make this costume for you,here is the link at:
2017-02-21 03:36
Can I get this costume with cheap price?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-21 04:00

Hello, what kind of material do you want the costume to be? Our tailor might not be able to make it as stereoscopic as the pictures shown, please submit ticket  to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n
2017-02-20 15:56
I wanted to cosplays as theses scouts they're my oc

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-20 19:30

Hello, generally we can make the costume for you, but we need more pictures (including the front and back side) about them and we cannot find too much info about sailor earth and sailor X,  please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and tell us the correct character names so  my teammate can help you directly.  n_n 
2017-02-19 07:25
i would like to get bayonetta's 2nd game costume ^^

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-19 23:05

Hello, here is the link fro the costume, the material is stain and feather:

2017-02-17 01:58
Just the dress please.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-17 03:21

Hello, generally we can make that for you, but we need more pictures so we can ask the tailor and we need to confirm some details with you, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n
2017-02-16 21:30
Hello there!
I would like to buy a costume for my little sister. You already offer it, but I'd like it in a much smaller size. Like B-W-H would be 77.5-76-81. She really wants to go as Conan, but no one offers her sizing.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-16 22:19

Hello, here is the link, please check custom size and fill in your exact body size.:)

2017-02-16 18:52
Hello, I requested Ruby Roses Volume 4 outfit a while ago but when I went to order it in custom size I couldn't find it. I checked my email for the link and it says it's sold out. I would like to request it again because I need to order it soon

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-16 21:03

Please input the answer.