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Shino's avatar maintains her blue hair from GGO, yet also holds the appearance of a Cait Sith with ears and a tail. She wears a green coat with white chest armor, a black choker and a belted quiver across her shoulders.   - 2014-11-02 21:04
Hello, we can make it and the product link will be sent later. n_n

Here is the link at

Calm and cool are two words that best describe Sinon's personality. In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head that makes other female players admire her. However, Sinon has a violent temper once angered, best seen with her interactions with Kirito. It is actually said that Kirito is the first one to make her extremely angry. Despite all this, Sinon, while maybe hard to approach, is generally a friendly person and does not mind helping others.

Shino, however, is probably the most fragile-minded character in the series. This is due to her childhood incident that involved her killing a robber. If someone were to act as if they were shooting her in real life Shino would have a nervous breakdown and be on the verge of collapsing. People have used this to take advantage of Shino before. Not only this, but the guilt of taking another's life haunts Shino the same way killing Laughing Coffin members haunts Kazuto. After the Death Gun Incident, Shino seems to have gotten over her fear and is moving on from the incident and no longer vulnerable to her classmates' threats of using a gun on her.

In ALO, Sinon is shown to be admired by the other female members of the party due to her cool attitude. She also bickers with Kirito every now and then, as the two constantly tease one another. Sinon also may be one of the few girls Yui likes, as Yui and her were seen getting along in the beginning of Volume 10.   - 2014-11-02 20:59
Hello, yes, we can make it and product link will be sent. 

Here is the link at


gloves,belt,suit with cape attached to arms and legs   - 2014-11-02 20:37
Hello, sorry, we cannot make the cape for you since we don't have this pattern.
Can this cosplay be made including pants, vest, undershirt, tie, apron, gloves, shoulder wear, and clip.   - 2014-11-02 20:13
Hello, yes, we can make it. The product link will be sent later. n_n

Here is the link
Ia Crono and Qheen Leene cosplay do-able?   - 2014-11-02 20:01
Hello, we only can make similar costume for Crono, but we need back view about Queen Leene, that's great if you can provide it to us. n_n

Here is the link for Crono
Is her Pretty Cure costume do-able?   - 2014-11-02 18:55
Hello, for this type of skirt, sorry that we cannot make it for you.
Can you make this Leshawna cosplay,wig,and shoes?   - 2014-11-02 18:17
Hello, sorry that we cannot make it for you.
can you make this neptune cosplay? here are 2 backup pictures   - 2014-11-02 15:56
Hello, yes, we can make it. But we noticed that there are some words on the pattern of her back view, could you tell us what is it?
Hello. ^^ I'm unsure if I plan on buying it at the moment, but I was wondering if you might take this suggestion please? The character is Lisia from Pokemon.

Thank you!   - 2014-11-02 15:41
Hello, but we're not sure if we have this material. You can submit a ticket to our Support Center and our teammates will help you directly. It's ok whether you buy it. n_n

Je suis a la recherche du cosplay de medusa dans kid icarus uprising. C'est à dire la robe mauve avec ses broderies ainsi que ses accessoires.
Est il possible de votre part d'honorer une telle commande? Si oui, a quel prix et est il possible d'avoir un aperçu

Merci d'avance.   - 2014-11-02 15:05
Bonjour, nous ne pouvons faire pareil pour vous incluez les modèles, mais nous allons aussi vous envoyer une photo avant de l'expédier sur. Le lien du produit sera envoyé plus tard. n_n

Voici le lien
Could you create this costume?   - 2014-11-02 14:46
Hello, sorry that we cannot open these three photos, could you send us again?
Hi. Here's my suggestion. Hopefully this is a good enough picture. Thanks!   - 2014-11-02 13:41
Hello, sorry that we cannot open your photo, could you send us again or another photos?
Can you do this?   - 2014-11-02 13:17
Hello, yes, we can make it. The product link will be sent later.

Here is the link
Ian Yorkland from Zyuden sentai Kyoryuger   - 2014-11-02 13:14
Hello, sorry that we don't have this material to make the coat. Please understand.
Haruto Souma from Kamen rider Wizard   - 2014-11-02 13:03
Hello, sorry that we don't have this material to make the t-shirt. Please understand.
Alata from Tensou sentai Goseiger   - 2014-11-02 12:50
Hello, sorry that we cannot make the pattern on the coat. Please understand.
can you make the headphones laxus wears? can you make them work?   - 2014-11-02 09:56
Hello, we only can make it as a prop in PVC material and it doesn't work, is it ok for you?
Can the outfit on the left be made? It should include the skirt, top, vest, underskirt, and headwear.   - 2014-11-02 07:58
Hello, sorry that we cannot make the patterns on her shirt, so we're afraid we cannot make it for you. Please understand.
Is her kimono and Goldeen Outfit do-able?   - 2014-11-02 06:05
Hello, sorry that we cannot make these patterns, we're afraid they cannot be done. Please understand.
Are Palla (パオラ), Catria (カチュア) & Est (エスト)possible to do? Thanks.   - 2014-11-02 05:48
Hello, sorry that we cannot make them.
Are Maria (マリア), Lena (レナ) and Xane (チェイニー) do-able? There is no back view.   - 2014-11-02 05:37
Hello, sorry that we cannot make it.
I REALLY want to cosplay her!   - 2014-11-02 02:26
Hello, we can make this, but about the skirt, we can only use the similar pattern for the skirt.
Here is the link:
can you make this cosplay of neptune?   - 2014-11-01 23:58
Hello, could you send us the picture again, because we can't see the picture. Thanks. n_n
turtleneck dress,vampire cape,leggings,mesh sleeves?   - 2014-11-01 22:37
Can you make this costume for me and the wig   - 2014-11-01 22:30
Hello, could you tell us which dress you need, since the dresses seems a little different between the pictures.
And we have some similar wigs, do you like them?