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One of Taro's friends, a 17 year old maid with thick glasses and often sporting a sly mischievous look. She is the head of the Technology Department, and specializes in mechanics and odd inventions, some of them blowing up or otherwise malfunctioning in rather hilarious ways. Rather oddly enough, she is also an otaku. In one episode rife with nods to other anime, she brings several other characters to the world-famous "Comic Market"   - 2015-02-16 18:45

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Can you make this Gwen cosplay?   - 2015-02-16 17:09

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Could you make this cosplay?   - 2015-02-16 03:15
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Hi, would you be able to make the blazer that Serizawa is wearing in Crows Zero? There was a manga and movie adaptations of it. If you could would you be able to give me an estimate on how long it would be to make and the cost of it as well? thank you

Best regards   - 2015-02-16 01:12
Hello,yes,we can make this  for you,the link will be given later. n_n
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can you make this   - 2015-02-15 22:51
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This one should work   - 2015-02-15 21:25

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Is Minami and Kirara school uniform are do-able?   - 2015-02-15 19:38
Is Haruka pink dress & school uniform do-able?   - 2015-02-15 19:34
Hey, I'm trying to do this cosplay for Gamescom in August but not owning a sewing table myself and being really new to sewing I don't trust myself to sew a hoodie, which I'd like to commission for.

Everything else in the cosplay I'd be able to get for myself like the paintball mask, bandana, joggers and boots; I also have an understanding of how to make the weapons so that should be covered as well.   - 2015-02-15 17:58

Hello,yes,we can make the hoodie and pants  for you,but we can't make the panttern on the left of chest the link will be given later. n_n

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Can you make his wand?   - 2015-02-15 17:10

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Hi. This is a cosplay suggestion for Sylvia! Thank you!   - 2015-02-15 14:30

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I have recently viewed your yuki cross boots in black. Is there any way I could get them dark brown instead please?
many thanks
tracey   - 2015-02-15 12:26
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Can you make the quidditch gear? Just the arm and leg gaurds?   - 2015-02-15 11:35
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Possible?   - 2015-02-15 10:02
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sorry about the costume messed ups *sweatdrop* make this one?   - 2015-02-15 02:18

Hello,yes,we can make this costume for you,the link will be given later. n_n
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hi cosplayfu i was wondering if you could make this for me the frount and the back are the same just minus the broach   - 2015-02-15 02:00
Hello,we probably can make this costume,but because the reference picture was not enough.If you want to commission this costume,
please submit a ticket with your requirement and reference picture to ourr Support Center and let my teammate confirm the details(color/design/material)with you first.  n_n
Not an official anime or manga just an artwork. I would really love to cosplay as the blue haired girl. She has no name and does not have many pictures (In the same outfit).   - 2015-02-15 01:17
Hello,we probably can make this costume,but because the reference picture was not enough.If you want to commission this costume,
please submit a ticket with your requirement and reference picture to ourr Support Center and let my teammate confirm the details(color/design/material)with you first.  n_n
Sorry about all the questions, but are the shoes/headgear possible to make?   - 2015-02-15 00:36
Hello, we can make the shoes but except for the head wear, please understand.

Here is the link for shoes
Gem first encountered Sam Flynn when he was captured and sentenced to fight in the Arena. She and the other Sirens equipped him with his attire and Identity Disc, disregarding his discomfort at their attentions. Unlike the other Sirens, Gem lingered outside her pod at the side of the armory room as Sam asked her what she was to do now. With an enigmatic smile, she responded, "Survive."
She encountered Sam again in Zuse's sector, ostensibly by coincidence, and conducted him to the End of Line Club to meet the program he was looking for, telling him that she wished she could have met him under different circumstances. In the club, she sought out Zuse, murmuring to him that she had brought "your boy Flynn," and accompanied them up to Zuse's private lounge. When Black Guards invaded the club looking for the User, Gem was revealed to be in league with Zuse, who had summoned them as part of his bid for power over the Grid.

Gem remained at the club after Sam escaped, standing with Zuse when he attempted to trade Kevin Flynn's identity disc to Clu in exchange for control of Tron City. Clu accepted the disc, but his guards mined the club with light grenades as he left, leaving Gem and a stunned, shell-shocked Zuse alone in front of the bar as the countdown started and the game they'd played was lost.

Moments later, explosions demolished the top floor of the club, presumably derezzing Gem and Zuse along with it.   - 2015-02-14 21:37
Hello, sorry that we can't make this costume for you because of the complicated patterns on his whole cosplay. Please understand.
Prior to the conflict between the Basics and ISOs, Quorra was friends with Radia. She witnessed Clu's betrayal when he attempted to kill Tron and Flynn, and when Clu declared war, she, with the help of a prototype System Monitor security program, Anon, attempted to warn Radia and the ISO's about him as well as combat the viral program Abraxas. After the Purge, she attempted to kill Clu but was rescued by Anon and they escaped using a Recognizer. However, the Recognizer crashed and Anon sacrificed himself allowing Quorra to survive. She was then stranded in the Outlands. With her energy depleted, she collapsed as her systems began shutting down, only to be saved by Flynn at the last moment.

Some time after the ensuing ISO War, Quorra was back on the Grid, traveling with a fellow ISO named Ada. Paige, then a medic, helped Quorra beat off a couple of street programs who had attacked Ada. After treating Ada's injuries, Paige commented that Quorra's code was incredibly complex; Quorra ruefully took the remark as a compliment, and introduced herself and Ada as Basic refugees from a city which had been destroyed in the War because ISOs had been found there. She also complimented Paige's musical skill, and remarked that although Paige hadn't been programmed for music, she could probably learn anything she set her mind to. Their growing friendship was interrupted when, as Quorra was showing Paige a self-defense move, her sleeve slipped and Paige was appalled to see the ISO symbol on her arm. Quorra begged her to keep quiet, but Paige's colleague Rox guessed their identity and reported them to the authorities. Before escaping with Ada, Quorra knocked Paige out so she wouldn't be implicated, saying that although Paige might hate ISOs from then on, "at least she'll be alive."

Quorra first met Sam when she charged onto the Light Cycle Grid and rescued him from Clu, bringing him to his father's hideout in the Outlands. Gradually forming a bond with Sam, she told him about the library of User books she'd read her way through (her favorites were by Jules Verne, and when Sam recognize the name, she asked excitedly, "What's he like?"), the ENCOM 511 Lightcycle (still "the fastest thing on the Grid"), and games of Go with Kevin ("his patience usually beats out my more aggressive strategies"), who had been teaching her about "the art of the selfless -- how to remove oneself from the equation." Though she didn't disagree openly when Kevin counseled patience, Sam's urgency inspired her to secretly send him to her old friend Zuse, the only program who could potentially help him get to the Portal. She was upset when Kevin insisted on following, and preceded him to the End of Line Club, only to back Sam up once more when it turned out that Zuse, a friend no longer, had betrayed him to Clu. While fighting the Black Guards that had arrived to capture Sam, she was critically wounded with her arm partially derezzed, causing her to shut down and lapse into a catatonic state.

While en route, their Solar Sailer unexpectedly rendezvoused with a gigantic carrier ship. The trio abandoned the Solar Sailer and began sneaking through the carrier. Rinzler, still on their trail, nearly discovered them, but Quorra, drawing upon Kevin's teachings about the art of the selfless, drew Rinzler's attention and allowed herself to be captured, so that Sam and Kevin could get away. Upon being presented to Clu and recognized as an ISO, she told him contemptuously that she had seen what Users were like and that he didn't belong with them, and was taken to Clu's Command Ship for Clu to deal with later. She shouted at Sam to leave when he broke into the Command Ship to rescue her, but together they broke away from Rinzler, retrieving Kevin's captured identity disc in the process. Escaping the Command Ship, they reunited with Kevin and fled in a stolen Light Jet.

Being a skilled pilot, Quorra took the controls of the Light Jet while Sam manned the tail gun. Together they destroyed most of the pursuing Light Jets and narrowly escaped. After the battle, Kevin asked her to do something for him, and she agreed. With their Light Jet heavily damaged, Quorra crash landed near the steps of the Portal, only to find Clu there waiting for them. While Kevin delayed Clu, Quorra, threatening pursuit with her light-sword, escorted Sam to the Portal, leaving Clu foiled as she revealed that she and Kevin had secretly switched identity discs; she handed Sam his father's disc, and together they made their escape.

Quorra ultimately had her wish granted when she accompanied Sam on his journey back to the real world, apparently becoming a flesh-and-blood human in the process, and happily set off with Sam as he showed her the first sunrise she had ever seen.   - 2015-02-14 21:31
Hello, sorry that we can't make this costume for you because of the complicated patterns on his whole cosplay. Please understand.
Sam was born in 1983[1] to then-famous video game creator and ENCOM CEO Kevin Flynn and architect Jordan Canas. In 1985, Jordan was killed in a car accident, leaving Kevin to raise Sam on his own. Due to Kevin's absences from the real world, a large part of Sam's childhood was spent in the company of his mother's parents, who raised him in his place. In July 1989, Sam's father was on the verge of a major discovery when he disappeared without a trace, leaving Sam once again in the care of his grandparents. Sam was only seven when his father disappeared. Legally, Sam is the largest shareholder of ENCOM (a fortune which he inherited from his father when he vanished).

Flynn LivesEdit
After two decades, the 27-year old[2] Sam turned to extreme stunts such as base jumping, motocross and parachuting. On April 2, 2010, he crashed the ENCOM Press Conference by jumping out of a helicopter and releasing a parachute with the numbers "89" printed on it. He flew over the crowd and landed right behind the ENCOM stage, taking off in an SUV waiting nearby.

Every year to mark the anniversary of his father's disappearance, he performs a daredevil stunt. According to Alan Bradley, Sam does this as a reaction to the pressure of following in his father's footsteps as well as to get people to pay attention and look deeper into the disappearance of his father.

TRON: LegacyEdit
On the anniversary of his father's disappearance, Sam broke into the ENCOM Tower and hacked the company's mainframe. He leaked the company's newest operating system, the OS 12, onto the internet and then proceeded to base jump from the top of the tower. He was caught by the police after first colliding with a lamp post and then attempting to escape the scene by riding on top of a taxi.

When Sam was released from jail he returned to his apartment to find Alan Bradley waiting for him. Alan told Sam that he had received a message on his pager from the telephone number of Flynn's Arcade; the number had been disconnected over 20 years earlier. Reluctantly, Sam headed over to his father's abandoned arcade to find a hidden office, complete with a digitizing laser. He then inadvertently triggered the digitzing laser and found himself transported into the Tron system.

Once in the system, he was captured by a Recognizer and taken to participate in the games. He defeated two opponents before being bested by Rinzler, who spared him when he recognized him as user.

Sam was taken before Rinzler's master, Clu, whom he believed to be his father until being told otherwise. He was then pitted against Clu and several of his enforcers in a Light Cycle duel. Sam's team were outmatched until Sam began to turn the tables on Clu's team, although they were soon whittled away until only Sam remained.

The arena match was interrupted by the surprise arrival of Quorra, who burst onto the arena floor in her Light Runner and escaped with Sam. She drove him deep into the Outlands to a hidden safehouse and surprised him further by introducing him to his own father. Kevin explained that the reason he was unable to return to the real world was because the portal had closed soon after Clu revolted against him under the belief that Kevin had abandoned his mission to create the "perfect system".

When his father refused to take the chance to reach the portal before it closed, Sam commandeered his father's old Light Cycle and ventured back into Tron City to find an ally that Quorra had thought might be able to help. He was soon recognized by Gem (a Siren from the Game Arena) who took him to see Castor at the End of Line Club. Charming at first, Castor soon played his hand in a double-cross, withdrawing when Black Guards attacked the nightclub in a bid to recapture Sam. Quorra again made a surprise appearance, adding her combat skill to Sam's in holding back the Black Guards, albeit succumbing to their blows in the process. Kevin also arrived on the scene, just in time to protect Sam and allowing the younger Flynn to carry the incapacitated Quorra to safety. It was then that Sam notice Kevin had lost his identity disc in the conflict.

Fleeing the city in a Solar Sailer, Sam learned that Quorra was an ISO, a spontaneously evolved program and the breakthrough Flynn spoke of years earlier. All conversations were silenced when it became apparent that their course intersected with a giant carrier ship, the "Rectifier". Stealing aboard the enormous vessel, the trio soon learned that Clu's purpose was to use Kevin's disc to launch an invasion on the real world. Quorra allowed herself to be captured, leaving Sam and Kevin to foil Clu's plan. Sam retrieved the disc and was able to rescue Quorra in the process. The three then fled in a captured Light Jet.

Clu, Rinzler and a quartet of Black Guard pilots pursued in Light Jets of their own, leading to a protracted battle over the Sea of Simulation. Sam fought off their flank attacks using the tail gun of the larger craft. The Black Guards were systematically eliminated from the fight while the escapees' Light Jet gradually succumbed to their onslaught. Just when the craft began to fail under critical damage, Rinzler remembered his long-forgotten purpose of protecting the users and turned his attack on Clu.   - 2015-02-14 21:24
Hello, sorry that we can't make this costume for you because of the complicated patterns on his whole cosplay. Please understand.
Wasabi is an intelligent young man and notable student at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in in applied physics. Among his group of friends are the colorful team he would eventually join to form Big Hero 6, being Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, fanboy Fred, and Hiro Hamada, brother of Tadashi Hamada, another one of Wasabi's closest friends.
Press info
Wasabi is committed to precision. He’s super smart and just a touch neurotic, but the big and burly neatnik can’t help but join the cause when Hiro needs him most. As part of “Big Hero 6,” Wasabi amplifies his martial arts skills with jaw-dropping plasma blade weaponry. Sharp doesn’t even begin to describe this guy.[2]
Wasabi is described as neurotic and compulsive, apparently suffering from OCD, as well as a hint of anxiety. Out of all his friends, Wasabi is arguably the most grounded, and appears to be the one with the most common sense, initially finding Hiro's plan to form a team of superheroes to stop a villainous masked man to be insane. In reality, such an idea would sound ridiculous. With these facts, Wasabi is often mistaken for a coward, as he's easily scared and disturbed when facing intense situations, whilst his friends generally take a more fearless, or considerably less excitable approach. Wasabi is overly a "by the book" kind of person, strictly following rules and believes in using law and order as a way of going about everyday life. Whilst the other members of the team prefer to jump into action spontaneously, Wasabi would usually stand aside for a few moments to concoct a plan, eventually putting it into immediate, affective motion once he does. With the other members of the team being rather reckless at times, Wasabi's ultimate composure and ordinance can be a valuable source of prosperity amongst the team, specifically when dealing with crime-fighting.
Even so, Wasabi's lawful nature can sometimes annoy the others members of the team, specifically Go Go, who was openly frustrated with Wasabi during a high-stakes car chase through the city as the group tries to evade the villainous Yokai; as Wasabi would constantly follow the various rules of the road as he drove, slowing down their escape and making them an easier target for Yokai's clutches.

Wasabi is also shown to go by a system: where there's a place for everything, and everything is in its place; as shown during his introduction at San Fransokyo Tech, where he showcases his carefully organized and divided tools to the newcomer in the form of Hiro. His intense dislike for disorder is also seen in the snippet, where Go Go comedically grabs a tool, thus tarnishing the entire ordinance of his table, and resulting in a tantrum.

However, despite his normally cautious and somewhat anxious personality, he can be very brave. This was shown during Big Hero 6's first confrontation with Yokai. While Yokai had Go Go and Honey Lemon cornered, Wasabi intervened and confronted the masked villain to prevent him from harming his friends, demonstrating he is willing to risk his life for them. It was also shown that while he does normally prefer being organized and having a plan, he can think on his feet and react quickly and effectively to a situation. This was shown when he was being squished by Yokai's microbots between two thick metal walls, and expeditiously responded by using his lasers to cut a hole underneath him and escaping. He was also able to use the lack of gravity during the battle with Yokai to his advantage as he swiftly and agilely cut down a number of Microbots, advising the other team members to do the same. Interestingly, the latter action also demonstrates Wasabi's sense leadership.

Physical appearance
Wasabi Plasma Render
Wasabi is a large, burly man, creating a humorous juxtaposition with his ultimately soft nature. He is tall, very muscular and well-kept, with his most notable feature being his smooth dreadlocks. He is also bearded, with brown eyes, and a dark complexion, and appears to be mostly fond of the colors green and yellow, when it comes to clothing attire. Wasabi can also be seen wearing all black, jikatabi shoes, where are often found in Japanese fashion.   - 2015-02-14 21:13
Fred is a young comic book enthusiast, with an eccentric personality and a slightly overbearing, yet lovable persona. He is the son of a wealthy couple in the city of San Fransokyo, though he rarely spends quality time with either of them, as they're often away on the family-owned private isles, and usually finds himself under the care of his loyal butler, Heathcliff. Nevertheless, the family fortune, as well as the family mansion, are left in Fred's care during their absence, and the young man spends such privileges satisfying his unhealthy obsession with comic book lore, Japanese giant monsters, and other stereotypically nerdy hobbies.
Aside from this, Fred is also a regular attendant at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where he works as the school's mascot, as well as entertains his passion for science (which seems to actually be more of a fanboyish love for science-fiction). At the school, he spends most of his time with his closest friends, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, and Tadashi Hamada, and was noted to be the creator of their nicknames, basing them off their dominate personality traits (Though Wasabi was given his namesake after spilling the food of the same name onto his shirt on one occasion), as well as explaining why he's the only member of their group with an average name; Tadashi aside.

Press info
Fanboy Fred comes off like a laid-back dude with no direction. But this sign-twirling, monster-loving, comic-book aficionado is sure to go places—when he's good and ready. For example, Fred doesn't hesitate to join “Big Hero 6,” and he has a lot of ideas for his super-hero skillset, too. His ferocious, fire-breathing alter ego comes complete with claws, integrated communications and a super bounce. But his sign-spinning may still come in handy.[1]
As mentioned above, Fred is incredibly eccentric, zany, loud, childish, and rather boisterous. Nevertheless, he is ultimately very sweet, and extremely laid-back, especially when compared to his friends. Due to his nature, he can often sit back and look upon the brighter side of things, even in the face of intense danger; and is often prone to making comedic remarks at any given moment, no matter the stakes at hand. Though the other members of the team ultimately care a great deal for Fred, they have expressed their annoyance with his random tendencies, specifically Wasabi, who finds Fred to be borderline annoying, and Go Go, who sees him as an idiot.
He is shown to be a huge otaku and fanatic of all things heroic and monstrous (a trait that may have come from his father), keeping collectable memorabilia of every shape, size and print in his room. Because of this, his understanding of science is mildly questionable, having asked his friends to use their scientific resources to give him super powers. And also, he has a habit of calling out his attacks like a character from an anime show, a trait that all of his teammates soon got from him in the climax.

Along with Honey, he is arguably the most compassionate and welcoming of the group, immediately taking a liking to Hiro upon meeting him, and showing great support and enthusiasm towards the boy genius throughout all endeavors.

Despite his energetic and positive personality, it is shown that he tends to get lonely because his parents are not always around and most likely hangs out with his friends because they are like a second family to him and keep him company while his parents are away on their family vacations.

Physical appearance
Fred Monster Suit Render
Fred is a tall, shaggy, and scrawny young man, often seen wearing bagging clothing and is rather unkept. His traditional outfit consists of a brink pink T-shirt with a Japanese Kaiju monster imprint and white, long-sleeved undershirt, dark green, OD cargo shorts, and white sneakers with dark green laces.
His superhero form is a battle suit with the appearance of a traditional Japanese Kaiju monster based on his favorite kaiju, Krogar. The beast mostly consists of the colors blue and orange, in addition to having black, spiky, claw-like nails, a tail with similar features, and three eyes (with the top notably acting as Fred's access to vision). Its four-fanged "mouth" is the only opening the suit has. The soles on the suit's feet enable Fred to perform high jumps.   - 2015-02-14 21:10
Hello, could you provide us the front patterns of Fred's shirt?
Professor Callaghan was an aspiring man; a world-renowned scientist, praised for his innovations on the foundations of robotics, as well as the creation of Callaghan's Laws of Robotics. With such recognition and knowledge, Callaghan put himself to good use by teaching as the head professor at the San Fransokyo Institution of Technology, where he mentored such prodigies as the brilliant Tadashi Hamada, who admired him greatly. Notably, though he was passionate about science and robotics, Callaghan's true love lay within his daughter, Abigail whom he valued more than anyone or anything. Abigail was notably a test pilot for Krei Tech; the world's leading technology industry, owned and operated by San Fransokyo's own Alistair Krei. One of Krei's latest ambitions, at the time, was the desire to revolutionize transportation through the use of portals. Unfortunately, during the experimental test run, a malfunction occurred in the system, and Abigail was lost in the portal, eventually presumed to be deceased. The tragedy left Callaghan with a hardened heart, and since, he swore vengeance on Krei, eventually descending into villainous madness as time would pass and his lust for revenge strengthened.
Press info
Professor Robert Callaghan heads up the robotics program at the prestigious San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and is Tadashi’s professor and mentor. When Hiro visits the university for the first time, he is star-struck by the world-renowned roboticist—while Callaghan immediately sees the potential in the 14-year-old prodigy, encouraging him to put his brain to better use.
Yokai is the silent masked man behind the terrible tragedy that strikes San Fransokyo, turning Hiro’s world upside down. As a result, Hiro transforms a group of nerds into a team of high-tech crime fighters—Big Hero 6—with one mission: Track down Yokai and bring him to justice.[1]

“What makes Marvel villains interesting is that they are righteous. They think they are doing the right thing, or at least the necessary thing, which makes them more human and relatable. Yokai is not a villain in his own mind.”
―Tech supervisor Hank Driskill[2]
Before the tragic incident involving his daughter, Callaghan was apparently a good-hearted, loving man, bent on changing the world for the better through the wonders of science and technology. He presented himself as a humble figure, with the wisdom to guide young minds down a bright path, in addition to serving as a father figure to his students; specifically towards Tadashi. Above all, his only true love and concern was Abigail, referring to her as his "everything", and valuing her above all others. It was her supposed death and Krei's ignorance towards innovation that led Callaghan down a dark path, eventually becoming a murderous, vicious, ruthless, and uncaring man, bent on seeking revenge on the ones who wronged him, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, even slightly.
With Abigail's demise, Callaghan's morality seemed to have vanished, and his lengths to achieve vengeance had no bounds, as he continuously made attempts to kill Hiro and his other students (originally due to the fact that they were witnesses, and later as a result of them being a threat to his plans), in addition to performing acts such as rampaging through the streets, destroying parts of the city, and continuously endangering innocent lives to the point of indirectly killing his own prodigy, Tadashi, though all with no remorse.

This makes Yokai one of the most ruthless of the Disney villains, though at the same time, he is also one of the most tragic. Unlike other villains, whose ambitions are driven through a lust for power and recognition, Yokai is not a villain in his own mind as his schemes were motivated by the death of his daughter; the person he loved most. At one point, during the final battle, he even showed a hint of regret, seemingly planning to call off his plot, only to immediately return to his dark nature once he allows his hatred to grow, thus proceeding with his scheme of killing Krei, and willingly giving the same deadly fates to his former students.

During his final scene, however, Callaghan makes an interesting, rather penitent expression. By the look of his face, one could assume he regrets his actions, whilst his ultimately merciless nature, firmly caring for his daughter only, heavily implies that his look of despair is centered around the high possibility that his arrest and near-apocalyptic actions will lead to life in prison, thus permanently separating him from his only loved one, whom he worked immensely to avenge, finally realizing the consequences of his actions and the emptiness of revenge. All these factors make Yokai one of the most three-dimensional Disney villains.

Robert Callaghan is a tall, somewhat elderly man with a generally warm appearance. With his gray hair, sweatervests, and slacks, he donned the appearance of a kindly grandfather; matching his relationship with his students at the San Fransokyo Institution of Technology. However, throughout most of the film, even after his reveal, Callaghan mostly took the form of Yokai. As the masked villain, Callaghan was taller, darker, with a brooding appearance that gave off an ominous aura. His face was covered by a red and white kabuki mask, which acted as his ultimate source of power and control over the Microbots. He also wore a black trench coat, black gloves, leg wraps, and ankle-length ninja boots.
Powers and abilities
Yokai's primary source of power were Hiro's Microbots. With the transmitter created to gain control over the miniature robotic army, Yokai was able to transform the robots into a deadly force, capable of immensely dangerous acts. To control them, the headband of a transmitter was inserted within his kabuki mask, and without said mask, control over his Microbots would cease, thus rendering him powerless. Though he generally lacks physical strength, Yokai has been shown to have a considerable amount of physical attributions, as seen during the car chase through the San Fransokyo streets. Even so, such attributes weren't utilized in other scenes, as he heavily relied on his Microbots and own, personal cunning, to do away with his enemies.
It should also be noted that Yokai's secondary source of power was his own intellect. With such power over the mind, Yokai was able to carry out his plot to solely rebuild Krei's portal (which is an example of his vast intelligence, in and of itself), steal Hiro's Microbots, and duplicate said inventions without having law enforcements catch on. In fact, if it weren't for the accidental interference of Baymax, Tadashi's healthcare robot, Yokai's plot would have very well succeeded.   - 2015-02-14 21:05
In her superhero form, she wears a black-and-yellow suit and black underclothing with a hint of red linings.

Body Suit and gloves Gloves   - 2015-02-14 20:48
Hello, since we cannot make the top yellow armor on her shoulder, we need to know the whole black body suit looks like. Could you find some photos for us?