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2016-10-22 15:01
Hello! I was wondering if you could make this!
2016-10-22 14:48
Hello! I'd be interested in seeing if you could make this outfit! Thank you!
2016-10-21 20:51
I have always wanted a Pirotess costume and was wondering if you could possibly make one and the rough cost. Thank you.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-22 03:38

Hello, here is the link for the costume, please check:

2016-10-21 15:09
Hi Cosplayfu,
Can you please make this jumpsuit?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-22 03:35

Hello, here is the link, please check:)

2016-10-21 14:45
Hi CosplayFu,
Could you please make this costume?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-22 03:46

Hello, here is the link for the costume, please check:

2016-10-21 11:46
I'm looking to buy a custom made Raiden cosplay are there are not pre-made out there. I'd love to hear back from you if you can make it for me and the rough price.
Thank you, Lee4534

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-22 03:47

Hello, sorry that our tailor said it is too complicated to be made.
2016-10-20 16:25
Nozomu Nanashima wears a sweater
Fun-loving, lackadaisical, and easy to get along with, Nana is well-liked by pretty much his entire class, and easily considered one of the most popular people in school when paired with his best friend, Igarashi Yuusuke. He tends to have a teasing, playful attitude when regarding his friends, and likes to roughhouse when he plays. He also tends to have no tact when speaking, and has been rude on more than one occasion without realizing it. Igarashi is usually the one to scold him when Nana goes too far, and Nana often relies on Igarashi to be the "nice guy" to Nana's "bad boy".

When it comes to girls, however, it seems that Nana has been, for the most part, uninterested. Thus, when Kae shows up at school with her new look, Nana is instantly struck by her to the point of being unresponsive. After returning to reality, he tries to tease her, reminding her of what she used to look like. It's implied here that Nana has a particular weakness for girls who cry, as Nana is prone to blushing whenever Kae looks up at him with tears in her eyes.

Nana is also combative, and the most outspoken when he has a problem with something. Examples can be taken from when Kae thinks she can master soccer in a few measly days, where Nana scolds her that it isn't as easy as she thinks, as well as telling Igarashi that he was pulling out from the competition. This reveals that Nana is also the most superficial out of the group, being the only boy to have almost quit trying to date Kae. During the Valentine's Day arc when Kae returns to being chubby, it's also shown that he's the one who cares most about her looks, as he's the most desperate to help her exercise back to her lighter weight.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-20 20:47

Hello, we are afraid this costume can not be made
because the appropriate material is hard to find, if we make it in other
material such as polyester,
 the style will be changed. If you are willing to change the material, please
submit a ticket to our 
teammates will help you.

2016-10-20 16:19
Asuma Mutsumi wears a Highland green sweater

Mutsumi's personality matches his expression perfectly. He's usually very calm, aside from the few times he's become flustered or angry such as when he held Serinuma's hand, when he teamed up with the other boys against Serinuma's cat-callers or when his older brother began to pursue Serinuma. He is very intelligent and has a methodical mind as seen when he realized Serinuma had been kidnapped.

Because of his quiet nature, some to most of his dialogue is overlooked in conversation and the others will carry on without his views being acknowledged in the heat of the moment. Still, he is usually the first to try to calm a heated moment and if he feels others' attitudes disturb Serinuma he immediately calls them on it and discovers a way to diffuse the tension amicably. When he was truly angered even Igarashi shuddered at his cold words, hard tone and frightening expression.

Others have called him too open minded and too generous because of his lack of reluctance or hesitance to do or go along with things, like when Serinuma was in a rush and he handed her his bicycle key, not even fully aware of the situation saying she just seemed like she was in a hurry. He has also said and done sweet things for others so smoothly that he will cause even the other suitors to become flustered or open their hearts to him. He readily gave Serinuma a pencil for luck after their study session and, when the others grumbled, nonchalantly produced one for each of them. When asked to model BL poses by Nishina he easily pressed his nose to Shinomiya's neck.

Out of Serinuma's pursuers, Mutsumi is the least forceful one and for the longest time didn't realize his romantic feelings for her though they had been of long duration.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-20 20:47

Hello, we are afraid this costume can not be made because the appropriate material is hard to find, if we make it in other material such as polyester, the style will be changed. If you are willing to change the material, please submit a ticket to our Support Centerour teammates will help you.n_n 
2016-10-20 16:12
Yuusuke Igarashi wears a Lochinvar sweater
He has a competitive personality when it comes to sports and specially when he's trying to win Serinuma over. But when he gets alone with Nanashima and Kae, he becomes a kind, affective and smiley person. Igarashi had shown to be jealous whenever there is a romantic scene with Kae and one of his rivals. He isn't fond of the idea when Kae is alone with someone else other than him. Due to Nishina's statement of how he only love Kae for her looks which is why he started to develop feelings toward her, Igarashi disagreed with that statement. However, he began to question his feelings toward Kae more especially after Kae became large again after the Valentine's Day arc. His feelings for Kae were put to the test and wondered more about his attraction to her. However, after spending time with her on the roof, Igarashi realized that regardless of Kae's appearance, Kae is still the same kind heartened beautiful person he fall in love with. This caused him to accepted her large physique and fall in love with her once again.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-20 21:03

2016-10-20 15:51
Hayato Shinomiya wears a Mint Julep sweater vest
Originally, upon his first appearance, Shinomiya was very responsible. Being a member of the Nursing Committee, he is knowledgeable about treating injuries and helping sick students. He is also a member of the Student Council. Shinomiya is smart and is already making plans in advance for his second year in high school.

A-chan thought Shinomiya was rather rude due to his comment about how Kae didn't look that injured. A-chan and Kae both joked that despite his bishonen appearance, he may be a tsundere type. It wasn't until after Kae's sudden change in appearance that both she and A-chan's opinion about Shinomiya was proved to be true.

Shinomiya is really a tsundere guy. Upon meeting Kae again after she lost her weight (in response to Shion's death), Shinomiya immediately developed a crush on Kae. He was shocked when Mutsumi-senpai revealed his crush is actually Kae, feeling surprised and disbelieving. Regardless, he maintained his crush on Kae. Due to his desire to gain Kae's affection, he immediately accepted into helping whatever situation Kae is involved in. Like Nanashima and Igarashi, he continued to be constantly surprised by Kae's otaku dedication to anime/manga especially BL romance.

Much to his dismay, Kae originally didn't see him as a man due to his effeminate appearance. He is upset whenever Kae said he look good in girl's clothes or get in an uncompromising situation similar to a BL scenario. Despite this, Shinomiya continuing tried to show Kae he is a boy and show his masculine side.

Due to his tsundere personality, he clashed instantly with Nanashima's personality. The two of them immediately get into an argument whatever Kae is involved or when she is left alone with one of her suitors. Despite their differences, Nanashima and Shinomiya are willing to compromise whenever the situation benefited them. Examples are their attempts to get Kae lost her weight and gain her attractive appearance, helping Kae with her shopping at a Comiket, helping her make chocolates in hopes of her winning a contest that allowed her to meet the producers and cast actors of the Mirage Saga anime.

In Chapter 31, it is revealed he didn't have many friends when he was younger, due to his bad immune system and effeminate looks. His pet lizard, Thor, was his only companion. This seems to be the reason why Shinomiya was so blunt to Kae on his first appearance.

Multiple times, he has accidently landed on Kae's chest. Every time this happens, he gets a nosebleed - when young, 'innocent' characters are exposed to sexualized situations, they get nosebleeds.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-20 20:54

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