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2016-02-11 02:55
Hi, I wonder if you can make the Espeon a bit similar to the Sylveon one?
1. I want the arm part attach to the shirt like the one in Sylveon.
2. The shirt and dress connect to the dress/skirt.
3. The dress is short to knee like the one in Sylveon.



Contact me for more information.
2016-02-10 20:34
Can you make this?
2016-02-10 16:30
Material: polyester

Include: coat+shirt+trousers+vest+tie+belt
2016-02-10 09:10
Hello I wish to have a long sleeved shirt with two yellow stripes on the main part but none on the sleeves. just the shirt I don't need the trousers being made.
2016-02-09 15:07
Can this be done?
2016-02-09 12:51
My little 4 year old, soon to be five in May is having a super hero birthday party, and wishes to be miraculous lady bug.
She is a size 5/6. Looking for a quote.

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