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2016-05-02 17:05
Olá, gostaria de fazer um orçamento para altura de 1,79 pesando 80kg. Gostaria de saber se o sobretudo com o gorro tem a textura do filme?
2016-05-02 15:02
How much would it be for this cosplay? And would it come with the headpiece? Thanks
2016-05-02 08:24
Hello CosplayFU could you possibly make these crossbows?
I really want to cosplay her but I can't find her crossbow props
could you make them?
2016-05-01 15:54
Bonjours, je sais qu'un cosplay de Ticci Toby était disponnible avant mais vus qu'il ne l'est plus, j'aimerais savoir si vous pouriez en refaire s'il vous plait. C'est la première fois que je viens sur ce site et je ne sais pas si vous ne faites que les vêtements ou aussi les lunnettes et autres alors...
Merci d'avance ^^
2016-05-01 14:19
someone did a cool one at PAX and i've seen a lot of people who and that bird. Including myself. I'm an Anivia main and I would pay any ridiculous amount of money that i could possibly get for one.
2016-04-30 21:35
Hey CosplayFU could you please make this?
2016-04-29 16:58
I need an extra large female costume sent to raleigh,NC for an event on May 25.

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