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2015-07-28 12:47
Hi, I'd like to submitt a request for Ozymandias' wig and head piece (fandom Watchmen). Here are the front, back and lateral images of them, I hope it's enough. Would you be able to make them? Thank you, hope to hearing from you soon.
2015-07-28 12:34
Hi, I'd like to suggest movieverse Ozymandias' wig and head piece. I requested them some time ago but didn't have the back view to show. Anyway, here they are the photos of front, lateral and back view. Please, let me know if you can do them. Hope to hearing from you soon.
2015-07-28 06:01
2015-07-28 05:00
Height 175cm
Shoulder 43cm
Hips 114cm
Waist 94cm
Chest 108cm

How much for this custom size, ship to Australia, just the coat?

Please input the answer.