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2015-08-29 16:54
Could you please make this outfit and the hat? Thank you :)
2015-08-29 15:37
Hello, I would like to know if that could be possible for you to do the Costume of Linca from Atelier Escha & Logy (the game and the animation of course ^^)
2015-08-29 15:35
Could you do this Nozomi maid outfit with the outfit and hairpieces? Thank you.
2015-08-29 11:14
Was wondering if you could commission the March White Day version of Nozomi Tojo from LoveLive!

Thank you!
2015-08-28 23:20
Hello, I wish to cosplay Ren Hakuryuu but the Costume on this website isn't the specified outfit that I want to do and I can't find any other place that sells it. Would I be able to commission this particular outfit? I'd be willing to pay as much as necessary (also the head piece, lance and boots are unincluded )
2015-08-27 23:18
i need a lola rembrite costume by Halloween
2015-08-27 22:28
Hello I was looking into doing a ticci toby costume and i found the hoodie on this website but they don't sell them anymore it looks like, so I was wondering if I can request that one in particular for commissioning maybe. my size is at about a large and my measurements based off of the size chart are as follows. thank you!
chest: 34 in
waist: 31 in
hip: 33 in
Shoulder: 15 in
Height: 63 in
weight: 125 Ibs.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-28 02:44

Hello, about this costume, some details can not
be sure
such as the words on the
, please submit a ticket
(with your request and more detail pictures) to our
 and let my teammates help

2015-08-27 22:09
Hello! sorry to bug but with this character i cannot seem to find a wig for it, i was wondering if i could get anything like it (Horns not included)

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-28 02:54

Hello, please contact our Supper Centerand our tailor will make it for you. 
2015-08-27 16:35
jacket, fingerless gloves, hat, stockings, uniform, belt pocket

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 08-27 20:36

Hello, yes, we can make this costume for you, here is the link at:

Please input the answer.