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Price : US$ 16.50 (Original Price)
US$ 9.90 40% Off
Quantity :
  • For Tsuna Sawada cosplay from Reborn!
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product
  • the color is changed each time, this is only sample
Material : metal ring
Processing Time : 4-6 business days

low self-esteem, lack of talent


Tsunayoshi Sawada referred to simply as "Tsuna" , is the 14-year-old central character of the series. Because of his severely low self-esteem and lack of talent in any activity, Tsuna is known as "No-Good Tsuna" at his middle school, Namimori.He has a crush on Ryohei's sister Kyoko Sasagawa. After being informed that he is the heir to the Vongola Family, due in part to him being the great-great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss as well as the untimely deaths of the other candidates for the position, he is trained into becoming a mob-boss by the infant Vongola hitman Reborn. Tsuna is often shot by Reborn with a bullet that increases his physical abilities in order for him to fulfill his regrets. That state is what gradually makes others see him in a better light. For the most part of the series, Tsuna rejects his position and wants nothing to do with the Mafia, however, due to the results of various conflicts involving himself and his friends, his own power matures and he eventually starts embracing his destiny. He is the Guardian of the Sky Ring. He is voiced by Yukari Kokubun in the anime.

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06-22 22:12
I have no clue where to put my size
  • CosplayFu ([email protected]) 06-22 22:45
  • Hello, we are afraid this ring only have a fixed size. n_n
I am SUPA gay 09-07 13:33
Do these rings rust?
  • CosplayFu ([email protected]) 09-07 18:42
  • Hello, this is made of metal, so please make it dry by a dry cloth  very time after used, then it will not get rust.  We keep quite a lot of our metal accessories in our office, and they are all in good situation.  n_n
wai kit 05-19 02:11
the side part of the vongola ring colour is wrong.Can you change it ??
  • CosplayFu ([email protected]) 05-19 21:12
  • Hello wai kit, about the  color  in the side part of the vongola ring,it\'s fixed.I\'m sorry that we can\'t change it. n_n
Tieria 10-12 10:36
How come i can\'t just buy the ring?
  • CosplayFu ([email protected]) 10-12 22:22
  • Hello,Tieria.Thanks for your support.You only can enjoy the lower price when you purchased over 50 USD.Hope you can understand.
Reiya 05-13 15:28
is this ring a fit for all? Like does it stretch? or are there sizes?
  • CosplayFu ([email protected]) 05-15 23:05
  • Hello Reiya. The ring only has fit size. That\'s 2*2.5cm .