Miku Wig (Blue Green) from Vocaloid    

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Price : US$ 115.50 (Original Price)
US$ 69.30 40% Off
Quantity :
  • For Miku Hatsune cosplay from Vocaloid
  • The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product
Material : heat resisting fiber wig
Processing Time : 4-6 business days



Hatsune Miku is the first installment in the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series released on August 31, 2007. The name of the title and the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu, Ne, and Miku.

Source from Wikipeida   

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Miki 08-11 09:33
Hi. I want to order this Hatsune Miku's wig and the address is in hongkong , however, I need it as fast as possible. I guess the fastest shipment is through DhL If I choose the DHL, how long will it take to reach the Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon? Please let me know asap.
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-11 21:43
  • Hello Miki, this wig will take about 4-6 days processing time, and we can ship out this to you by S·F Express(3-4 days shipping time). ^^
ML 03-29 06:00
May I just request for the wig to be 90cm in the remarks box?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-29 21:06
  • Hello ML, this wig is 120 cm, but we cannot cut the wig for you, you can cut it yourself after received it.
    **Or, you can submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate check if we have the suitable wig for you.  n_n
Reynn 03-29 05:57
May I just type: 'I would like the wig to be 90cm long.' in the remarks and get the wig in 90cm?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-29 21:05
  • Hello Reynn, this wig is 120 cm, but we cannot cut the wig for you, you can cut it yourself after received it.
    **Or, you can submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate check if we have the suitable wig for you.  n_n
Megann 10-14 07:50
How do you style the wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-14 09:25
  • Hello Megann, this wig is made of heat-resisting fiber, you can use tools which under 200 degree centigrade to style it. But we don’t recommend you change the style too much. You can use some hair styling clay to fix the style as well. 

    If you want another style wig of this color and length, you can submit tickets to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly.  n_n
Kura 08-03 00:49
Are you able to change things like the bangs? And what comb should be used to brush it? Thanks!
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-03 06:29
  • Hello Kura, the actual wig style is just same as the photo shown; if you'd like to change the wig style, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n
    **Please check our wig comb, it is made of steel and suitable for wigs.  You can use it to comb the straight wigs, try to separate the wig into few parts, and comb it 1 part by 1 part.
    (Tips: Don't comb wavy / curly wigs, it will damage the wig style.)
Kuroshitsuji_Ciela 07-23 11:26
When you buy the wig does it ship after you buy it?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-25 03:56
  • Hello Kuroshitsuji_Ciela, yes, it is. n_n
Colle 05-08 08:44
Hi cosplayFU The wig come in today the qaulity is really incredible im loving it Thankss byebye
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 05-08 23:13
  • Hello Colle, thanks for your message & great support, you really appreciate CosplayFU team! ?It'll be sooo great if you can share few cosplay photos with all CosplayFU members worldwide~~~
LillChan 04-27 03:04
Hello, when will prize come back to US$ 115.50 ? ;-; I mean, how long it will have 40% off?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-27 11:47
  • Hello LillChan, we will try our best to keep this offer, and we don't have plans to stop the 40% OFF offer yet, so it will at least last for 2 months more.  n_n
FershaSparadisE 11-28 16:42
Hello! How much it is for only the two ponytails?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-28 22:50
  • Hello FershaSparadisE,  pls submit a ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center at  http://www.cosplayfu.com/support/ and let my teammates help you directly. n_n
sheila mae c. colo 10-26 06:13
How much is the Miku Blue Green seperate Wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-26 20:57
  • Hello, the whole wig is  US$ 69.30, about 2855.2 PHP. 
Blanca 10-17 05:13
R the pigtail wigs clip ons?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-17 21:29
  • Hello Blanca,the wig included 2 clips.
Rachael 09-02 16:20
Hi I'm 5 foot 4 inch. Where will the wig end on my body?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-02 22:49
  • Hello  Rachael, we are not sure  where will the wig end on your body, but we can tell you the wig is about 100cm long.
Monica 06-21 23:57
You say this wig is 120 cm. I am 5 foot 1 inch. Where would the end be on my body? (Waist, knees, ankles?)
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-22 19:16
  • Hello Monica, this wig will come near by your waist. n_n
Becka 06-18 15:54
Hi! I am 164cm tall, will this wig be too long for me?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 06-18 16:38
  • Hello Becka,  the wig is fixed size.  If you need the same style & color, but different length, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammates help you directly. n_n
Neko 03-29 22:41
hi i am wondering if this wig will be past my daughters ankles or be at her knees or higher and she is 4'8 and 1/2
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-30 21:25
  • Hello,Neko.Thanks for your support to us. This wig is 120cm.
Jane 03-15 21:13
Hi, I am wondering if this wig is styled into miku's hairstyle? And, I am 175cm tall, will it reach my knee?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-15 21:22
  • Hello,Jane.Thanks for your support to us. This wig is 120cm. We think that it will not reach your knee. 
yuki ojamaki 03-15 07:21
can i have d´the wig in 130 cm because im big .. is that possible
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-15 21:06
  • Hello,yuki ojamaki.Thanks for your support to us.Could you please submit your ticket to our support center, our teammates will check for you. 
Sakumi 02-07 01:19
Hello CosplayFu, I got this wig yesterday in my home, It was really good it was easy to comb with any brush and comb, love the wig. I like the fast time of the delivery as well, keep on the best CosplayFu. :D
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-07 21:18
  • Hello,Sakumi.Thanks for your support to us. We are so glad that you love our wigs so much. Enjoy your cosplay days.
MikuMikuDesu 02-03 06:13
In this picture, did you straighten the wig? Because when I opened the box, it was all tangled. Very good quality, though ^^
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 02-03 23:15
  • Hello MikuMikuDesu, we only use toothbrush to comb the wig, don't use any machines to straighten it. This wig can be heated, but the temperature must below 200 degree; so if you need, you can straighten it below 200 degree. n_n
Pamela 01-10 12:49
So ahm..Hi! can you send it to Brazil, too? ^o^ when yes, how log would it take? in March is still at that price or is going to be US$115.50 again? >3
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 01-10 22:02
  • Hello Pamela,yes the price will last to March.We send it to Brazil too.It is form 5 days (by UPS) to 20 days (Registered Air Mail).
Johanna 01-06 17:19
What is the difference between this wig and the "Miku HML" wig? Are they the same or is one better quality than the other?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 01-08 21:32
  • Hello Johanna,the Miku Wig (HML) version has a more turquoise color than the other one.The quality are nearly the same.
Lizzy 11-10 14:13
Hi Does the wig come in three parts? A short wig and two detachable pigtails? Thank you
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-10 22:01
  • Hello Lizzy,yes,the wig comes in three parts.
Miku Cosplayer 11-01 20:45
hey i would like to know i am 5'1 (5 feet one inch) is this wig long for me if is can you tell me a better size for me plaese and thank you!!!!
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-01 22:08
  • Hello,Miku Cosplayer,thanks for supporting us.The wig is about 120 cm long.Maybe it's a little long for you.Here is the link of another Miku wig:http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Miku+Wig+%28HML%29+from+Vocaloid,Maybe this one will fit you well.
TrollFace 10-20 05:54
How long is it?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-20 09:45
  • Hello TrollFace,the wig is about 120 cm long. :)
Random Person.. 10-18 21:12
"Halloween Notice: These costumes and wigs are ready to ship within 30 minutes. You can get your costumes and wigs before 31 Oct, Guaranteed! Click here to choose! " Is it possible for it to arrive before 28th October (Australia)?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-19 03:36
  • Hello Random Person.., this wig can be shipped at once (same day as the order day), if you choose UPS (3-6 business days delivery time), it will reach you before 28th October (Australia). :)
Sayori 10-16 01:43
Hi! i have a question: "How long would it take for the wig to get here if i live in the Philippines?"
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 10-16 02:13
  • Hello Sayori, this wig can be shipped immediately after order is paid, and shipping time depends on what shipping method you choose. All shipping details (cost, delivery time) will be shown in order form after you choose country. :)
Miku-Miku-Chan 09-05 19:48
Oh no! I was about to order mine when it said sold out! :( Do you know when they will be back in stock?!
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 09-05 22:56
  • Hello,please submit your ticket to our support center www.cosplayfu.com/support/ and then we will solve the problem for you.
Maria 08-30 02:04
Hello, can i get this in pink?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-30 22:07
  • Hello,you can.Please send this link and picture of reference color to our support center: www.cosplayfu.com/support/.
miku_kitty 08-28 20:18
Also, can this wig be styled with heated styling products? or can it not stand heat?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-28 22:52
  • Hello,the wig can be heated.But the temperature must below 200 degree.
miku_kitty 08-28 19:01
Another question aslo! haha How long is the wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-28 22:51
  • Hello,the wig is about 120 cm long.
miku_kitty 08-28 15:19
Hello! The wig looks great overall, but I was wondering... Are the pigtails detachable?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 08-28 22:50
  • Hello,they can detach.
Allison 07-26 22:56
DOUBLE POST Yes it is okay. But I can still remove the clips and only make two right?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-26 23:51
  • Hello. There isn't a clip with the shorter Miku wig. So you can not remove the pigtails.
Allison 07-26 19:43
Is there anyway to make this wig for kids?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-26 21:52
  • Hello. Do you think this is OK for kids :http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Miku+Wig+%28Short%29+from+Project+Diva ? It is 60 cm long.
Allison 07-25 20:38
Hello. I have a question. Say a kid is 51 in. Will the wig be too long?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-25 23:46
  • Yes, it will. The wig is about 120cm long.
Sacchan 07-24 05:55
Hi CosplayFU (: I want to know how long it will take to arrive in Italy, more or less (: Bye
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-25 02:11
  • The wig can be shipped within 4-6 business days after payment is confirmed. And if you choose the free shipping, it will take another 20-30 days for the product to reach you after we ship it.
A.j 04-19 11:59
how much does the wig weigh?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-19 21:39
  • Hello A.j, the wig is about 750g.
toru 04-11 02:59
is it heat resistant??
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-11 20:23
  • No, it isn't. The material is kanekalon fiber.
Lizzy 03-15 16:16
Hi Cosplay FU! I was wondering do you need special shampoo for the wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-16 04:46
  • If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Susan 03-13 20:32
is this wig in stock?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-14 04:54
  • Yes, you could place your order now. If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Bestie 03-11 13:19
How long is the base wig? im not asking for the length of the ponytail.
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-14 04:53
  • If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Stephanie 03-10 09:24
is the base wig that long? ^^
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-10 22:32
  • The length of 125 cm includes the tails. If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Stephanie 03-08 09:40
oooh this wig is lovely. how green is the wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-08 19:49
  • Thank you for your suppporting. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product. But it is almost the same. You do not need to worry about that. If you have any questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Fannie 03-07 13:39
when i receive this wig, will it be darker or lighter than the picture?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-08 02:31
  • The wig will look more green.
Amanda 03-02 21:36
The wig in the video is diferent from the picture, it has bangs and diferent color... are they the same wig?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-03 21:01
  • If you have more questions, feel free to submit your ticket at the" Support Center"
Yuki Sakura 01-18 16:18
How long would it take for the wig to get here if i live in america(TX)
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 01-19 02:27
  • Hello,Yuki.Thanks for your support. It can be shipped within 3-5 business days after payment is confirmed.Shipping will take another few days to reach you after shipment.
Nougat 01-04 20:55
How do you take care of this wig ?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 01-05 02:49
  • Hello,Nougat.Thanks for your support. We will brush the wig gently and wash in cold water with shampoo and wash gently.Do not brush until it dry.
Amii N. Yamamoto 11-06 05:22
I want this but the bangs are different. :(
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 11-08 00:45
  • Hello,Amii.Thanks for your support. Could you please submit your ticket through www.cosplay.com/support?
Maru 07-14 16:37
Is the base alone itself for sale also?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 07-14 22:33
  • Hello,Thanks for your support. Wig and clips are included.
Juliana 04-21 18:12
can you pleas send me an email of this pic on the inside
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-22 21:29
  • Hello, Juliana. Thanks for your support. We will send some photo about it to your e-mail as soon as we can.
angelinarocks 04-12 20:11
is this wig for kids too?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-12 22:21
  • The wig is on average size. So we are not so sure if it suits your kids.
angelinarocks 04-12 20:08
how long is the wig ?
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 04-12 22:21
  • the wig is about 125cm long
jerrie anne nape` 08-24 08:06
how much is that wig in pesos ??? can i get a discount ??
  • CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com) 03-03 10:10
  • Hello jerrie anne nape, we use CCNow as our payment system, so the exchange rate will be adjusted by CCNow everyday. The exchange rate will be known only after payment completed. But the rate will not different from the rate you check online very much. Please do not worry about this.