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2 Sets of Kimihiro Watanuki Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Kimihiro Watanuki Cosplay

Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student plagued daily by spirits who are constantly attracted to him. After meeting Yūko Ichihara, she promises to remove this unwanted ability in exchange for working part-time in her shop until it equals the worth of his wish. He lives by himself due to his parents no longer being around, so he excels in cooking and cleaning, much to Yūko's pleasure. She also sends him on various jobs that often have a spiritual nature.

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Kimihiro Watanuki Cosplay Shoes

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Kimihiro Watanuki Cosplay Wig

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Kimihiro Watanuki Cosplay Costume

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top pants
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